Saturday, September 1, 2018




They have taken the one I love
cutted off his wings of damned angel
they have taken and tried him
  they say – for too much love
It seems that he loved me more than he should
that he has neglected God for my skin
but they don’t know that through me
he has worshiped the Highest above all others
they don’t know that he has glorified Him
he has whispered ardent prayers
and made the soul an altar
they don’t know he has done honor
to the desiring sky of every man
that he made a prayer of every kiss
every caress a purification rite
every syllable the precious eucharist
of the eternal and silent beauty of the love.


The days pass as the clouds pass
on my head. And the years dissolve
in the music of time. Don't look for me.
A flower is never the same.
Every day is different. You will tire.

So is also my life. I'll not return to blossom.
There will be no bees gathering nectar
among my petals. No hand will catch me, unexpected.
I'll wither. And you'll not recognize me.
You'll always look for the dark flower of nostalgia in me.

There will be an uncertain scent of that flower.
A memory that could hardly shows the vision.
Don't look for me. I come from the tree
which is unknown to you. I'm not a part.
I'm the whole. And you cannot really see me.

But… The wind will carry away these leaves,
it will lead them right near to you.
When you’ll take them into your hands
remember to read the little poems
written between ribs.   There I am.


It will be the rain
that confuses my tears
that every step seems uncertain
that I don’t distinguish the dawn twilight
from the shaded sunset ...
It will be that I've lost time
– or time has lost me –
that I care not the hours in the sad days
of December, that I bow
to this passive death of the pressing minute
that I don’t look for the wrinkle where
it wasn’t there before.
I’m going to be green
also in the white of the hair:
everything, buried by pale snow,
It’ll rest cramped in silver sleep...
And I’ll go
silent and old, like a little girl,
I too, sleeping


VALENTINA MELONI, also known with the heteronym of n a n i t a was born in Rome (Italy) in 1976. Graduating from classical maturity she also studied classical dance and piano. She has been writing poetry and tales for several years. She lives in Valdichiana since 2007 and leads a rather retracted life in contact with woods and all the natural beauties that surround and inspire her. She is currently writing poetry, essays, aphorisms, short stories, theatrical pieces, fairy tales and stories for children, she is dedicated to poetry and writes reviews for specialized magazines. She has published for poetry: Nei Giardini di Suzhou (In the gardens of Suzhou, FusibiliaLibri, 2015), Le regole del controdolore (The rules against pain, Temperino Rosso, 2016), with Giorgio Bolla Corrispondenze da un mondo increato – epistolario poetico (Correspondences from an uncreated world - poetic letters, La Vita Felice, 2018), Eva (Edizioni Nosm, 2018), Alambic (Progetto Cultura, 2018), a bilingual e-book Snails (Lumachine, Foglio degli amici dello haiku, n.30 luglio 2018). And Storia di Goccia (Drop History, Librido, 2017), Nanuk e l’albero dei desideri (Nanuk and the tree of desires, Temperino Rosso Edizioni, 2018) illustrated fairy tales. Her texts were translated into English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and Japanese and appeared in international magazines and anthologies. Other poems, tales, essays are published in industry magazines and anthological collections. In the coming years will also be published this three poetry collections: Millimeters, Under the skin – landai – rebels couples, Sonorous body – Hypothetical Self, and Blooms a bilingual photo-poetry book about feminine. She is editor, for the interviews and haikai columns, in the Euterpe Literature Magazine, for the essays and reviews columns, (InSistences and InDications) in Diwali-magazine contaminated. She writes on other literary and cultural and naturalistic magazines and on her eco-poetry and deep ecology blogs. In 2007 she founded the group/blog “Those Who Talk to the Trees” and the blog “Poems on the Tree”, where she draws public attention to themes of deep ecology and respect for nature through the publication of eco deep-poems. Poetry, spirituality, ecology, trees and nature are the fundamental themes of her poetry.

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