Saturday, September 1, 2018




This morning
Yet again ...
I woke up to you!

Black sky,
Whiskey thirst,
And smokey head,
I burnt in your amber hue...

What do you do...
With these mornings,
When you creep out
From the charred embers of my mind?

These days
I fill my head
With rainbows and butterflies ...

I wear a bright smile
And all the colours
You hated...

Green, pink, bright blue
I thought I drowned you
Just the way you wanted me to...

I had beaten you back
Pushed you down,
To some forgotten corner...

And you,
Like a nimble footed thief
Creep out...

And then,
Creep all over me...
In my veins
And my breath,
Till I know...
That however much I try
Somewhere deep inside
I will always burn
In your black and amber glow


Hey Poet!
Who are you
To tell me
Its not my words
But I
That is poetry!
What do you
Know of me?

Would you know
That even as you spoke
Hurtling words along
That swung between
Kindness and hurt
You were hitting
Against an iron wall
The heart long
Steeled and darkened
And deshaped
Like molten tar

The beauty that
U think you hear
Within me
Is an anguished scream
Stifled muffled choked

And will you
Hold my hand
When I let it out
One dark deep hollow
Loud scream
All the while
We will walk
Hand in Hand
Through the deep end
Of green

And the misty clouds
Will nuzzle my face
And kiss my eyes

And You
Will talk of me
Being Poetry
And I will
Say my words

Breathing in the narrow mountain lanes
Sinking into the heady coffee brew
Sipping the froth
Licking the wounds
Sreaming my words
Just so that I live

Will you still say
That its not my words
But I
That is Poetry...


What lies in your letter?
That one
The one which lies
On my bedside table
Still unopened

Some pain
Some anguish
Doses of bitterness
Symptomic of us
I suppose.

I remember
The letters
We once used to write

Talking on
Unending love

That too
Was true
Of you
And of me

But it passed
Like a soft breeze
And growled
Into black rage

And we let it go
The both of us

Not waiting to
See if there would be
A Rainbow
So lost were we

In our pain
And our loss of hope

Did you write of love?
My dear
That we once held
Close to our hearts

I let you go
And let go of love

What remains
Are these unread words
In your maddening scrawl

I will hold on to
Till the end
In my heart
Hoping you felt
The love over the pain

Copyright ~

IPSITA GANGULI: Ipsita describes herself as a student of the myriad experiences that life holds out and believes that there is never any stop to learning. She is a “people’s person” and relishes connecting with a variety of lives. A quintessential Indian who rejoices in the diversity of the nation, a global citizen as the world gets smaller with the onslaught of virtual reality, and a passionate Calcuttan with all the pleasures and pains associated with this incredible city of woes and wows. A compulsive writer she started scribbling her emotions at the back of a notebook or on a tissue paper. She was soon initiated into poetry groups and began contributing to e magazines like Learning and Creativity, Different Truths, Kaafiya. Ipsita has coedited an e-anthology on Bonded Labour for Different Truths. Her poems have been published in several anthologies like LifeNama. Rhythm Divine Anthology, Cloudburst: A Womanly Deluge. Her work has recently feautured in the Get Bengal New Year Anthology for 2018 and Women” Day Anthology entitled 50 Shades of Eve. Ipsita debuted with her solo compilation of poems with” Of Love, Longing and Random Pondering” which was launched in the Kolkata Book Fair 2017


  1. very nice, excellent word craft.congratulations for your write in OPA...wish you more success. god bless the ink.