Saturday, September 1, 2018




These days, life feels like it is a roller coaster ride

Sitting, strapped safely upon it

I can just scream as it dives down

Faster than eagles,

And bite my lips, in sweet ecstasy

As it climbs back up!

Its raging speed brings about somersaults in me

So much that I can help it not

But let the love I hold for Love

Be the driver of it all!

Why, wish I could unstrap myself

And sit on his lap,

Together, we would have altered its track

And crossed the borders of Existence


I would hold his hands tight

And tell him,

I'm so glad you left this realm

To save me from the darkness of Earth

This world here belongs to you,

However, we have, as birthed humans,

Duties to complete on Earth,

Let's go back

And shoulder these with love,

Feverish love,

Love as it has been recounted since ancient times

Which shall be remembered

As the love I shall forever hold for you !

These days, while enjoying the feel of the wind

As it caresses my face

While the roller coaster goes about on its track

I can't help but spin the web of love

While letting its magic and its sparkles

Submerge me under their waves!

After all, the love I hold

Transgresses time and human perceptions!


I shall write of our story,

Said I to Love

I shall write all of it

All of the blushes, the swallowed gulps,

The fears, the bitten lips, the struggles

The causes, the meanings,

The moments, the wills of the Gods about it happening


I shall write of it

And leave it here to the world

To read!

We shall remain immortals


On the lips of those who shall question our credibility

And there,

In the realms that you rule

And that you left, willingly

For me!

I shall write of the desires, the passions

The folly, the yearnings,

The fights, the sulks, the jokes,

The sarcasm-laden moments,

The twinkling of eyes,

The thrills of our bodies as they touched,

The efforts, the compromises,

The responsibilities,

Even the time spent apart,

Battling the suffering,

Waiting for reunion!

A book it shall be,

Which shall weigh more than any other

A book it shall be,

Which shall be read with zeal and glee

A book it shall be,

Which shall be kept as a treasure

After all,

Our story

Is worth all its due


The skies themselves desired it!

Love Unveiled

Fear no more,

Whispered the heart

Love unveiled,

Is uglier than filth

Yet is revered as the divinity!

Fear no more


Fear no more,
Whispered the heart
Love unveiled,
Is uglier than filth
Yet is revered as the divinity!

Fear no more
Love unveiled
Is sicklier than incurable diseases
But is kissed with ardent passion!

Fear not
Love unveiled
Is even more embarrassed
Than the most ungraceful falls
Still, it is carried on the shoulders as a trophy!

Why, love unveiled
Is accepted with all of its flaws
Its imperfections,
Its insecurities
After all,
That's why it is called Love
It would have been called
Selfishness and Pretense!

Love revealed
Drowns tears with kisses
And smiles with fervour!
Love unveiled
Tames the wildness into gentleness
And caresses the rots
With appetence!

Why, love is even more potent
Than life and its mysteries
Love, in fact, is the source of life
Love, simply is
Waiting and languishing
With a sweet ache

For when it would be unveiled!


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