Saturday, September 1, 2018




I’m a drop of blue heaven

that scatters yellow sunshine;

that has fallen on your lap

to dispel despair and hoist a flag of hope.

I’m a beautiful blue butterfly

on its first flight to tear up the sky;

the symbol of freedom, beauty and wonder,

I’m your luck, joy and wish granter.

I’m a sapphire-blue reckless rill

that hops with happiness down the hill

with undying zeal that  marches forward

crashing rocks and crossing hurdles.

A cool breeze I’m in the deep dense forest

that blows, slow or fast, with no rest

perfumed with sweet smell of affection

that sweeps away pungent smell of abomination.

A bundle of love I’m, an infinite fountain of cheer

imbibed with iron will though I look terribly tender,

I’m sure my small step is a big leap to a sure shot victory,

for me waiting there a life full of glowing glory.

I’m striding towards a safer and secure globe

where I will be honoured as the throb of the orb.

Though a little girl, I’m an unbeatable runner

I’m sure, in the end I will be the invincible WINNER.


Smile a little as sorrows are brittle as you move along
Not only when life is pleasant but when you face storms strong.

A smiling face is ever welcoming.
A smiling face is highly inspiring.
A smile is a sure key to success
that adds winning wings to hopes.

Smiles are ever flowing fountain of elixir
that absorbs others' sorrows and laves one's tears.
Smile is the sunshine that no cloud can cloud
which can subdue thousand storms bold and loud.
Smiles are flowers frowns are thorns,
With a smile you can win the forts of foes.

So always smile a hearty smile,
a sweet smile, a soulful smile
to travel with ease miles and miles.
Make smile the sail of your life boat
to cross turbulent sea in stormy nights.


Life is a path of light and shade

that we have to walk alone being unafraid,

strewn with lovely flowers and tickly thorns

that we have to embrace with no groan,

lined with trees in green and golden gown

with a fresh look every morn,

a new striking shade in every season

in Spring so green but in Autumn golden .

Fall follows flourish is the law of creation

to decay to reborn is a great lesson,

life is so brief like the fallen leaf

so live life fully in spite of grief,

cross the arduous path with no complaint

firm optimism makes life pleasant,

walk with the dream of a future so golden

that your deeds will surely lead you to heaven.

Mrs NAMITA RANI PANDA: (M.Phil English,M.Ed)  is born and brought up in Sambalpur district of Odisha. Now she works as Vice Principal in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Munduli, Cuttack under the Ministry of HRD, Deptt. of School Education and Literacy, Govt. of India , New Delhi. NVS ,RO,Bhopal has conferred on her Academic Excelence Award 2017 for her outstanding performance as a subject teacher in English.  Her two published  anthologies are Blue Butterflies: a Bouquet of Poems and Rippling Feelings. Her poems are highly acclaimed in many national and international journals. She proclaims her voice boldly against social injustices and inequalities. She glorifies universal brotherhood, sense of patriotism, love for life, nature and peace. She is a regular contributor to the online poetry site . She can be reached through her web page:

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  1. ah great to see your poem in OPA.excellent write, wish more success.