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The Religion Of The Poet

What is the religion of the poet? It is the realization of the unity of his being with all existence. Where the eternity touches the infinite through the poet's mind and vision, collaborating with the words and phrases of the present. So a poet must live with his surroundings in such a manner that he can relate himself with his time and space. He can feel both the joy and pain of his fellow beings. He can apprehend the problems of the individuals in the context of the social constructions and political constraints. Only then a poet can air the voice of his time and legacy.

Writing a poem should not be a hobby. Should not be a way to spend the leisure time playing with words and feelings. Writing a poem is actually a way of life. It is essentially a cultivation of knowledge and wisdom to fulfil the ultimate universal truth in the poet's individual personality, but not in seclusion rather in the inclusion with the society as a whole. So a poet can never live alone or remain indifferent to his time. A poet must work on to build up a human network of compassion. So the religion of poet is essentially the religion of compassion.

At present we are living in a dangerous time. If you open up your eyes and put your ears to the ground, you can feel the pain of the time. Yes, people are suffering everywhere. Yes, too many people are also enjoying their life according to their personal dreams or individual or even collective whims. If we widen up our senses we can understand the disparities between these two extremes. The number of peoples those who are not living well is much greater than the ones who are really having a merry time. Even if we do consider the quality of life, the disparity between these two extremes is astronomically high. But why? Why should the largest number of peoples have to suffer enormously? This is the ultimate question humanity should have to answer.

If we tune ourselves with the news every day, we know how it looks like. What are the ground realities around the world? The current affairs that cause the sufferings of common people, and the very few who gain substantially from these scenarios. Now if we analyze ourselves properly, we have to confess that we are not compassionate enough to respond humanely to these situations at all. We tend to believe that politics is not our cup of tea. We the common people generally believe that society as a whole and the political powers, in particular, are the right institutions to respond to the sufferings of the common people. We as the individual can do nothing about it. As we have no power with us. So how can we respond with the situations which are beyond our reach?

Considering all these we remain indifferent to the political situations in general. Gradually as we get accustomed with this type of mental acceptance of our feeble powers, we become less and less worried about our fellow beings and their everyday situations, sufferings and the actual ground realities of our surroundings around the world. Sadly enough all these end up in alienating us from humanism. We become less and less human each day and more and more individuals day by day. Our creative minds thus also become devoid of human compassion. Which become literary more and more academic.

This should not be the poet's religion at all. As we have already discussed that a poet should always be in unity of his being with all existence. It is so essential in poet's life that without this union of individual being and the entire existence one can never be creative enough to produce anything substantial which can air the voice of his time meaningfully authentically and humanly.

So it is also our responsibility as an individual poet to keep the poet's religion alive all the way of our literary activities among our creative fraternity. Without which literature, in general, will suffer most. We at Our Poetry Archive always try our level best to boost up poet's religion throughout all our endeavors. We welcome poets around the world to respond more and more to the ground realities with human compassion through their creative brilliance. This will eventually make our world more human to live along.

 With this hope, here we are again with this present number of ‘Our Poetry Archive: August 2018 Volume Four Number Six.' This is a general issue and we are glad to introduce eight new poets to our regular readers in this number. We hope readers will also enjoy their talents along with others' poems. This month our Poet of the Month is poet KRYSTYNA GRYS of POLAND. Readers will find her interview with our editorial panel much interesting. Our heartfelt thank goes to the poetess for her acceptance to our invitation.

We would also like to request our readers and poets alike, to introduce Our Poetry Archive to their friends and relatives who love the music of poetry.  Anyone who wants to showcase his or her literary talents internationally is also most welcome to OPA. Any talented poet can send at least 3 poems and one current profile picture along with the explicit confirmation of the permission to publish his or her copyrighted materials in OPA. Our mail address is

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