Saturday, September 1, 2018




Don't forget to sifting
through yesterday's rain
You find me hidden in a trailing bud
I would have left you on your lips before the end
If you'd let the ray of love Get to me.
Don't forget that I will blossom in the summer Rain
Or on the edge of autumn
When he sticks his fangs in the iota
left in floes
Dormant in the same my closet
Where only the two of us have tasted the unquenchable nectar of love.
I would flow relentlessly, if you were the earth.
And I would easily trickle through your veins so
I can master your deep tremors to fall asleep at the root of our love.
Don't forget to cațti me scoop the palm
What still catches the fallen rebels from the void.
I'm at the root of a droplet's heart
Cornered from the seed of a forgotten glance.


Stop your way without a smile
Stop smiling both of us
Stop for a moment of love
What i gathered from the dew i encountered in my path
Looking for you stay in the time i stopped her to find you.
Give me your hand to corral the world
With the thrill of our palms
And then plant the universe in every earth glimmer.
Do you want us to be love to stay?
You want to be the start of a world?
Beyond the song of the unknown infinite,
Stay to be US painting the vault with the whisper
that struggles in the endless horizon.
Catch the flying of butterflies kissing the night
of dreams between the two chained continents of love.
Me, water, you land,
I smile, you shudder,
I, the woman you, the end of our search.
Stop on my lips
Stop the world from hearing us say:
We're the beginning of love.


You reflects in the fringes of the moon
Among the clouds that swallow my thoughts
You become the silent part of the night
And i share with you
In the vault that long ago he hid me.
You run like hot lavas through me
You struggle in clock on the second deck that kills me
Chest tough pierce the moment
Where I stayed to look at you
Looking at you.
You want me to be in the temple of the wind
I can kiss you every morning
You fight with the prophets who cry with the voice of the birds always exist.
The spear of love implant without fear
Blindness, biting us me the silence that keeps me
Prisoner in the moonlight you've forgotten about me.
You go to love, you come back to love
I biting with your degetela tasting every struggle under the covering
We both sleep without being.


LOREDANA VITELARU NICOLETA: I was born on May 28, 1971, in the village of Lunca Banu in Vaslui County, Romania, where i grew up and learned until I was 13 years old. I come from a modest family in which harmony was an essential characteristic. From my parents, I learned to love people around and nature. I studied violin in small classes. Then I fell in love with the piano. Unfortunately, I have not gone further with this hobby. I continued my studies at Dimitrie Cantemir High School in the Rose. I've focused my footsteps and concerns towards painting, the abstracţionistă side. Every once in a while, in my few free moments, I manage to take refuge in the arms of this tempting arts and give free rein to the imagination. I graduated from therapist courses in Iasi at this time, practicing this job in Austria. I'm a simple, modest, loving, handsome man. I'm so glad when, in my line of work, I can leave a smile to those with whom interact. They're combining literary-creation therapy, considering I'm listening to real life stories. As for my literary work, since childhood I started playing with poetry But I left it somewhere in the past. I Consider a gift that never left me. I was discovered by Mr. Marin Toma, the founder of Miss Miss, where I later had my literary debut in 2013, then I attended the Mihai Eminescu contest at Ipotesti where I won mention I. I participated in the year 2015 at the International Poetry Contest Steaua Severin where I won the trophy of this event. Regarding the publication of my poems, I admit with some fear I began with the anthology of Shards of Dreams, the first volume. In 2014 I edited the personal books working with the Ștef publishing house in Iasi, Beyond US, The heart of the ocean, Sweet and Bitter, In The Palms Codri In various anthologies, co-authored Love in the Freamatul of leaves Illusions, Delusions Poems, Poems Travel to the kingdom of words, The constellation of Metaphor In 2015 I edited The magic of a blue night Diamond Tear, Ravasul last snowfalls and this year 2017 Trousseau of words collaborating with the publishing house alone. I am Director of the Romanian literature, art and poetry platform. I'm a member of the WORLD POETS ASSOCIATION. Also this year I became a member of USE-Moldova. 2018 a new volume of poetry Tribute of the Month I began to write the prose of Lara-the fragrance of the shadow, the volume that will be edited this year but I will go parallel to the poem where I fully find myself. Another volume of love that is working Cosette, on the edge of the night,, the volume to be translated German and English which, will be published in Austria, and a therapeutic guide with specialized herbal remedies. Considering that I do not live in Romania but in Austria.

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