Saturday, September 1, 2018


Troy DeFrates


Embers of my heart burn in the distance
my heart flickers in flame showing my true self
like fireflies dancing in the ambience
each coal a memory unto itself.
My heart burns with the fury of the sun
I am a warrior within my heart shows
given to me by my father to son
it keeps me strong my inner hearth that glows.
The strength of the heat can melt a cold day
forging inner strength melting future fears
burn my candle at both ends so they say
it has given me strength throughout my years.
Woe to those that would dare to quench my coals
fueling the fire to reach my personal goals.


Acts of kindness can make one-self feel good
some people fail to realize it was just
a one-time act of kindness gone like dust
a token of help lined with some bright gold.
Now they expect it all the time I’m told
expectations unto you they will thrust
wanting to do it all the time you must
set a boundary and you must be bold.
I did it for you from my heart I gave
this is not a permanent act from me
giving it once was a one-time pure act.
Donations expected I am no slave
grateful it was given to you freely
demanding more is no way to react.


It is all about me, my needs come first
Politeness and sharing are values forgotten
The internet creates anonymity which is the worst
It is all about me, my needs come first
Anonymity breeds self-love begotten
It is all about me, my needs come first
Politeness and sharing are values forgotten


TROY DEFRATES: He lives in northern Wisconsin, U.S.A., and is an avid outdoorsman.  He earned his M.B.A. from Western Illinois University where he found his love of poetry during his studies.  He has been published in Spillwords and with The Writers Newsletter.  The Tigershark Press and the Pangolin Review have selected poems to be published in their next editions.  A budding poet, he loves to share his art and attempts to get others to be inspired.


  1. Troy’s poetry is both thought provoking and fun to read. These poems are timeless and very timely. Very well done Mr. DeFrates.

  2. I have known Troy for a while. Reading his poetry has introduced me to another Troy that I was unaware of. Thank you for this new opportunity.

  3. I have genuinely enjoyed reading Troy's poetry & hope he'll continue to share & give us much more to applaud. Thank you Troy.

  4. Reading Troy's poems is like being invited on a vacation into the woods and discovering that this is what you needed all along.

  5. Cerebral, poignant, and creative. A new poetic voice has emerged. Great!

  6. Troy is very talented. Has a way with making you feel, you are right in that moment. Looking forward to experiencing more.

  7. Looking forward to more works from this gentleman who has deep and meaningful views on different aspects of life.