Tuesday, January 1, 2019




I came full of great expectations
New Year's Eve spent in a foreign city
It was night and the music was playing
on the platform when I arrived
the all city lights turn on.

For me, it was enough like a sign
to lighten my heart in restless breasts
on my coat glowed a blue shade of hair
the man who had eagerly expected me there.

I went through the streets full of lights
rejuvenated favourable  celestial signs
more full of delight, less bravely steps
in the minds, I danced  the evening  waltz .

Already arrived promising New Year
when I knocked on your door
New Year's Eve dinner was served
without a smile of a man, for me
on the planet  the highest being .

I was brave and I have not shown
all the lights in me turns off
thousands of kilometres  I travelled to you
and the smile of your unworthy I was .


My suffering is completely white
as lambs born in the snow
helpless and powerless,
it spreads like wild flowers
on a green hill whole.

Eyes of my suffering
are not accustomed to wonders
only of carelessness,
callousness and disregard
but even suffering is crazy to live
so it is eternally in love
in a veil of tears.

At the foot of the hill
above the town
where suffering is born

Whitening is suffering
as a white herds
tears of life
always new
always young
no end.


From grain seeds to lush flower
it is winding and steep path
in the winter garden of my world
be what you are is not in vain.

Purple cyclamen and chiming lily of the valley
with delicate leaves and fragile flower
out of favor even of the mild wind,
in the winter garden of my world,
I find them permanent shelter,

without fear to be yourself
know that they will not damage them
but pave the way for them with the sceptre.

Hazardous cacti and sharp agave
can grow only to the fence
to others beings may not work shadow
with no resistance to living in the place marked
in my winter garden will have a special place
I will visit them as gentle plants, daily and often in that case.

In the winter garden of my world
can live plants of different cultures, identities
in many colours, varieties, forms
If they follow the advice of Mother Nature
live proudly and let live others to live in peace

do not attack weaker than yourself
attack stronger than you

I'm her child too
and hear her cries

I want life germinates and thrives
from the small seed to a magical flower
each flower to be a messenger
and poet of their own world.


TATJANA LONČAREC is a poetess from Zagreb, Croatia. She has published two collections of poems – That the World does not Die (2005) and Crowned Roses (2008). She is an active member of poetry association "Morning Poetry" Zagreb. Mute Melodist chosen her poem "White Nights" for Poetry anthology Paradox/Oxymoron as the Language of Poetry. Collective collection of poems COM-PEN-DI-UM published May 2016 in the USA where Tatjana Lončarec participated with five poems. Realistic Poetry International chosen her three poems for Realistic Poetry International Anthology 2016. Nav Works Press' USA, Los Angeles in new book Sometimes Anyway: Pride in Poetry Volume II published her poem Cavalier. 2017. Poetic Bond VII Anthology UK 2017. also published her one poem.

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