Tuesday, January 1, 2019




I can see
people at the foot of the mountain
and those at its top
they have other desires and  thoughts
a whole mountain
of incomprehension separates them

I notice
almost everyone wants to go higher
- over the borders of forest and fields
and climbs the rocks

and if it works
- lean the ladder against the clouds
lose sight of Earth
and be the only winner of this race

people forget that
falls from the summit
take place in loneliness
and are very painful


When night ends, the show begins on the scene of sky.
The wind opens curtains made of clouds
- heavy and crimped like Baroque draperies.
Birds begin to treble and proclaim the arrival of light.

Darkness disappears and  night flies away on its black wings.
The gray of morning slowly gains the pearly shades
and pink cloudlets lead the way on blue sky
for an oncoming solar chariot.


to the image of Mohamed Zakaria Soltan

Bits and bytes swirled, fuelled with colours,
and settled like droplets of rain on a piece of white paper.
Ancient gods of Egypt returned from the past.
The silhouettes of the powerful pharaohs emerged from the shadow
and the ancient world was born again of nothingness.

Anubis did not guard the fugitives from the Canyon Fields.
The beautiful Hathor showed them the way to the present day
and she opened the sealed gates of time.
The sons of Osiris came to Earth on Ra's papyrus boat.
Geb smiled happily at the sight of the reborn children.

Wise Thot, as always, helped humanity.
He collected moments lost in the desert sands
and he called vivid images from his memory
Faded colors became clear, blossoming brightly.
Expressive lines sketched the shapes of the former rulers.

Ascension of the blessed
to the image of Jerome Bosch

Man, leave everything
and go up towards the light.
Five stone circles separate you from the goal.
Here you can meet those who left earlier

Longing like a thin thread,
interwoven with memories,
connects this world and the time of the dead
They are waiting for you.

You have no meetings marked in your calendar
Important affairs scattered on the atoms
Take just a few steps and overcome the steep path
Eternity will open its gate for you


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