Tuesday, January 1, 2019




Good day, my love,
The weather is warm and pleasant. I
will spend the day in the nature. But on my
own. I am well, although the question
remains, and sorrow and sadness. I cannot
love differently but with my heart,
my entire soul and body. Although it
doesn’t seem that way, I am only yours and
with you. All my days turned to nights, for
you are not with me, and the nights turned
to days, for I see you in my dream. We need
time, so much time.
I embrace you and kiss you.

My love,
I am leaning against the wall
of memories. Against that humble fence of
gentle wings grown into my life which
retreats to a future time. The time took the
tribute of our lives, so I hope the rulers of
heaven are content. Marks will stay where
the mighty have passed, and we’ll be
making wreathes in dreamy rooms. Without
you my soul is rootless, and I am
not certain whether my love has support of
the fence against which I lean all my
phantasmagorias. I stagger and some pale
face call to me from the shade. What is it
that awaits me while the bells resound on
the evening lips from the lonely bell tower
built by sigh and quiet prayer
in the solitude of the sky? I listen to the
wind on the road you will tread in my
thoughts. I will make you a path from my
palms, sprinkled with rose petals to caress
your feet, in the morning in the reflection of
your green eyes.
For a good night, I love you.


My love,
Just say you love me, because I love
you like this, from afar. I hear and love
even the song of the birds from the distance,
for they are from you, from the earth which
gave birth to you and I am silent,
hearkening to the heart hungry for love
from afar. You are akin to gods, for you bear
in you all the wisdom of the world. I do not
know if I love more your gentle lips on my
lips or the word which gives me comfort.
Therefore, in this anxious night, so quietly,
from a distance just say you love me.
I kiss you.

My love,
I wish we had just today that which
we do not have. I sink into a possible life. I
dream beyond the night, with that picture –
the two of us embraced. I step into
the irrevocable whirl of your arms. How
can I go on without you, without
the support of love? How, without
unredeemable hope, fed with immeasurable
sorrow in a dream, without any venomous
cloud? You leave without the morning sun
so I cannot see before me the proof of the
fear of loneliness.
I kiss you and I love you.


My love,
I endure this solitude more easily
because I know we breathe the same air
and the same sun warms us. You are my
light in a dark night and the replenisher
from my cares and the joy of every morn.
And this sorrow I hide because the Lord
tempts us, but also loves us. Every time I
hug you, I hug the whole world. A tear
gleams in my eye and when you smile at me
gently in the morning and now, when desire
ravages my soul. And my heart quivers
when I see you for I know I came home.
There are countless paths, but only one
leads to you – the path beamed
by moonlight and endless love.
Smile at me honey, we are happy people.

My love,
Full of tranquility difficult to explain,
I persistently chase the shadows of your
eyes in a maze of memories. I know it is
there somewhere near the blurred trace,
behind the lowered curtain. I search, I
never let you out my sight. I don’t leave you
to the sweep of the rainbow colors. Your
shade turns into undeniable emptiness
which fills the road beyond the mind from
the timeless womb. Only a child grown up
in me can discern giving oneself entirely in
a restless look.
For a good night, I love you.


LJUBINKO JELIĆ was born in 1932 in the village of Šarani, close to Gornji Milanovac. He graduated from the Faculty of Economy in Belgrade. For some time he lived in Munich. He works in construction and design, and ocasionally publishing. So far he published: Letters to my love, Below the burning hammers, Wastefield, Sower’s gentleness, the Shine of the miraculous, Ravager before the door, The Magic ring, Above-Below, Closer to the glacier, Architect’s phonebook, Bitter seed, On the edge of the ash field, Building in, Tea for the neighbor, Around the dreamy nest, On another heaven, Angel in a greenhouse, Architect’s diary, Building and illusions, Graceful monophony, Collected poems in four books, Epistles of love. His works have been translated into German, Romanian, Italian, English, Macedonian, Russian and Check and can be found in several anthologies of Serbian poetry. He has been awarded and is a member of Serbian Literary Society and European Academy for Culture and Art. The awards he received include: Award of Serbian Literary Society for life’s work; “Ivo Andric” Academy’s International award for life’s work; Recognition of Cultural-educational community of Belgrade for exceptional contribution to the city of Belgrade; “Recognition of Morava” for total contribution to creativity in poetry and award of the Society of Playwrights for total contribution to the culture of Serbia.
He lives and works in Belgrade.

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