Tuesday, January 1, 2019




In the sunlight
autumn whispers,
wind tells all his tales that
make us chilled to the bone,
chimneys cough,
clouds become empty,
and soul longs for warmth.
Leaves get squashed
like some old song
wish goes deaf
ideals disappear,
some strange incense
climbs towards heaven.
The river we love
changes its appearance,
disheveled river bank shivers.
A leaf becomes golden, golden....
it falls down....


The blue coat
The blue scarf
The blond hair
The blue skies
All  this blue
fades away.


With a silver star
I decorate my hair,
and raise my hand to cover the skies
in order to pass my discomfort onto you,
then I set sail on the river of love.

I begin dancing
at the edge of the moon
dispeling this intoxicating moment,
and with a storm of freezing tears
I flood them both.

Reality shall become blurred,
my footsteps shall disappear.
Heart crazed with a ballad
shall put sticky kisses to sleep.
Everything shall be-
pure magic until dawn.


LATINKA DJORDJEVIC was born in 1951 in Zemun. She has been living in Zurich since 1995. Tiny thread that used to connect her former work and poetry,with the arrival in Zürich blossomed info true love of poetry. Her poems have been published in several magazines, websites and  conference proceedings. At the moment, she is preparing her first novel. Latinka DJordjevic has been the  secretary of the Association of Serbian writers in  Switzerland for several years. Thus, between her work and her writing, she keeps running back and forth between youth and old age.

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