Tuesday, January 1, 2019




When I set eyes on you,
It was the first rainy day
That I experienced as a sunny one.
After that on many rainy days
That life used to bring
(Then I could not know
That it was the moment for a dream)
I returned that rainy day,
Absorbing the Sun's shine from your face
In order to be able to proceed.

Aware that I could have you
Only in that moment of a short living dream
(Like a far-away star that is remembered)
I did not dare to extend my arms,
To utter anything
Fearing my presumptuous wish.

Later on, all suppressed words
Suffocated in my throat,
Their hush simply killed me
While you were more and more remote,
And I missed more and more
The Sun's shine from your face
And never more in my life
There flashed generous rains
So brilliantly and uniquely.


I was a ray of whoever I met,
The light being born on their faces.
I was a life-supporting breeze
That calmed down the uproar of frowning neighbours.
I was the murmur in valleys
Measured by the depth of man's loneliness
I was a string in Your hands
When You decided to celebrate the Might
I used to compete in singing with birds
And in playing with lightings
In the longing of the one waiting for me
I used to tread on the waves
To outsmart the destiny
I used to destroy darknesses to save him of sorrow.
I was an impetuous rain
Called on by droughts
In remote fields with no hope or life.
I was a doomsday to slanderers
The murmur to the mute, the unrepeatable truth,
But only the scream from my womb
Verified me as the woman.


Do come as long as I am more yours than mine
Ready to please you more than me
As long as I am the tempest raising you to the infinity you long for
As long as I am a wave hugging you,
Transforming you
As long as I am the spark enlightening you
Illuminating your being
Multiplying your Self
So that you blaze in your own multitude
Staring at your new faces
That yield abundance.
You are both flame and flood
imbued by my fires
You are supported by new forces
You are mightier than before
Enveloped by that love.

But do not give free rein to yourself
Deceived by that beauty
Do not be excessively proud
Do not measure my will
While I am still ready for anything.

Do not ask too much
In a trice you may be deprived
Of myself, of the Sun,
Of breath and hope
At the bottom of a dark abyss
With the dying love!



MILICA JEFTIMIJEVIĆ LILIĆ has published many collections of poems, a collection of short stories, and a book of essays on literature. Her poems have been translated into many languages, among which into Russian, Italian, English, Arabian, Hungarian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Romany, Slovakian etc. She has won many literary awards both at home and abroad. She is a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia, a member of “Number seven” Association of Writers in Frankfurt. She is an expert adviser to Italian International Council for Diplomacy and Justice.

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