Tuesday, January 1, 2019




Come let me take you.
Here lies Mount Vesuvius.
Don't worry it is dormant for centuries
Just like our love and our feelings
But who knows as soon as we kiss there
The heat of our love
Might awake the strato-volcano to life.

Come, let's make love.
In the harbours of Rio de Janeiro
Leisurely watching the sunset there
The Sugar Love Mountains surrounds us,
The Tijuca hills and the Corcovado Peak
Our love to the jealous world would never leak.

Bathing naked
To see how the degrees and temperatures increase because of us two.
In the Pamukkale hot travertine pools
Would even make Cleopatra jealous like a fool.

Passion would be as wild as the Niagara fall
Us wrapped up in water foams
Sudden roaring, gurgling, babbling after all
Like white foams, white sheets we both.
Suddenly fall.

I am awake
Finding myself peacefully wrapped
In our 5 by 7 old bed
Overnight travelling has made me intoxicated again.
Let me get back securely in your arms
Back to my bucket list of trance
Listening to your heartbeats
Isn't it humming like rhythmic African drumbeats?


Dear love!
Do you remember?
Those attic spent afternoons,
Those unspoken words,
In strong windy monsoons.

Ah my love!
Those hairlocks of mine you kept in control.
Those deep dark eyes that made me quiver.
Those moments that made me shiver.

Oh love!
Those long hopeful silences,
Those unsure touches,
And letters filled with grievances.

My love!
Those remembrances,
Blame games, lost hope, repentances,
My unnoticed tear drops,
That drowned with the rain drops.
All will turn into ashes
In time's chariot hurrying near.
Travelling towards thousand light years


Only four years
And yet it seems like
You are lost
Among the deep chores
Of my daily life.

Life seems to take a toll baba
I, like a bullock driven cart
Carry the burden
Of my heavy soul.

You are free.
Happy soul, selfish soul
Leaving me behind
To fulfill your
Incomplete tasks.

Patience you
Injected in me in abundance,
Perseverance you
Filled me with
Pricks like a moral needle .
But you know
How incorrigible I am.
Will never ever
Let you go
Free you from within me.

So, I bought
The navy blue
Flat circular
Tin box
Of Nivea cream.
Taking lumps of it,
And you are with me again.

I imprison you,
Within me
With your smell
The redolence I always got
When I cuddled in your arms.
Basking in the warmth of your smile.


GOPA BHATTACHARJEE: Gopa is an entrepreneur by profession but passionate about writing poetry. An absolute contrast to her work profile she uses her passion for reading and writing during her free time, as she believes knowledge is boundless and needs to be dispersed. She is passionate about weaving poetry relating to the realities of lives and diversities of nature. She has a strong desire to reach out to the millions through her work, in order to make them aware of this art of spontaneous feelings. She lives in Kolkata with her husband Shuvayu and son Ahir.

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