Tuesday, January 1, 2019




We’re a moment, a passing one,
just a breath
behave as a ruler
eh, so poor we are.

Power has been taken by deceivers
pure being with blood they suppress,
see, un-lived childhood cries for life
requires air a little dose of security.
Hunters are of the infants
nectar absorbents, mausoleum builders,
do have the conscience fed with darkness
too many letters for them there are never!
Ashamed is The Book of History!
And now
The kingdom of the verses flying whispers:
"dear friend, they are heartless invertebrates
despise, trample, the night hyenas are
awake , feather calls you
set above the time, write fiery verses! ''
It makes me wretched, to talk to myself
imprisoned I am by the words "human"
mercy cries, says' raped I am
do not want the light, I'm ashamed!
In this world lost I am
desperate so much,
I have to go uninvited
continues the soul to face the deception today !!!


Invited to the battlefield,
was looking forward to !!!

Said, hear the artwork
exuberant generosity,
Kingdom of Nobility !!!

We, yes, yes, we
listened with curiosity
saw only unarticulated voices and darkness!

Artists of the words, dressed in white
on stage resurrecting dreams
violating, crushing, at the edge overloading lips.

It was the ultimate march
followed by the requiem,
eager we embraced the art scene
but light-colored letters
scared left towards the last journey ...

Desperate, I called my being,
hidden was, after the angelic spirit
go away said ... leave
you see, lost you are, lonely ...

Tired-eyes, too sweaty,
being betrayed...!


... would like to talk to poems
enjoy the richest imagination
an inspiration
prefer to enter into the poet's world.

... with all my passionate being
I do enjoy feeling the sense of ecstasy
defending letters, the silent code
of the written poems of eternity.

dark vicious circle reigns
I do feel being raped, blackmailed
as if I'm an plotted alien.

Eyes seek advice, help
soft words, work, friendship
soul trying to be less visible
by human creatures being ignored
I rely on the wall, Dear God what is this enmity!

Inhuman soul whispered
hey, you there, in the end of the row
what's your request
need a stick
you've taken the stairs of poetry
leaving behind door locked
we are jealous, get away, go down to hell.

Legs armed with obedience
moved to the exit of the building,
at the bridge I stopped, looking with compassion
the ruined building of the ignorant servants.

...now, my home is without electricity, drinking water
unpaid are the bills of life,
have to leave the birthplace
put with love many life poems in a student's bag
torn luggage
awaits me as a spring migrating bird.


TYRAN PRIZREN SPAHIU: He was born in 1954, Prizren-Kosovo-Europe Graduated English Language and Literature at Prishtina University-Kosovo. However, this "voice" of mine in poetic verses is a very great desire and final opinion will be given by YOU! Trying to find topics that worry, nag, excites, rapes, embraces, and to describe is pleasure and challenge and seduces me ... Being emotionally connected with the ancient city, loving calm life he continues to spread kindness….No matter where he goes, you will hear the voice behind: "He was here."

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