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With this advent of internet, writing everyday has become more or less a habit for many of us. We like to write status on our wall. We like to post our poetry on our social networks. So we remain busy in writing for most of our spare times. Especially those of us who are publishing poems short stories articles now and then. But if we want to remember the last book which we have read, I think most of us would find out that we have not read much in recent times. In our hectic schedule barely we find out proper time to read a book. Even many of us cannot actually remember the name of the last book that has drawn our interest. Our spare times have been largely occupied by many other activities other than reading. I think this situation is not so conducive for us especially if we wish to be a poet or a writer.  Regular reading is as essential as oxygen for a writer or poet. Without which we can never take our writings up to the next level of excellence. Reading books of eminent writers or poets helps us immensely to broaden our world views. It strengthens our knowledge and wisdom. It provides us with many new avenues to step out. Regular reading actually helps us to enrich our own writings. Yet if somebody asks us to name the last book that we have read, we’ll find out that actually since long we have not read any book at all.

On and often whenever we post our new poems on our social site’s wall we expect that our friends will read it attentively and give us an honest feedback that will help us to evaluate our poetical skills. Most of the times we remain busy to reply the comments, to share our poems to various face book groups, but seldom we find out time to read other’s poem. And read with proper attention, as we don’t have that much of time with us. So actually our reading has become to some extent superficial. Yet we expect attentive reading of our own poems from our poet friends. This is the actual scenario of reading and writing of our present time. Let’s take an example of Our Poetry Archive. Every month we publish near about 150 poems written by near about 50 poets from all over the world. Now if we ask ourselves, how many poems have we read last month apart from our own published poems in OPA? I’m afraid an honest answer might have embarrassed most of us.

So more or less it is apparent that we read seldom but write often. Yes one can argue that it depends on the individual about the ratio of reading to writing. One can never set any rule nor impose to others. Certainly not. Yet if it has become our habit to ignore reading our writing will certainly be affected one way or other. The question is how many of us are actually aware of this fact. Reading books regularly helps us to sharpen our writing as well. We hope one cannot deny the importance of reading books in our everyday life. Especially as a poet one has to keep updated with the trends of his or her time as well. One has to also enrich himself or herself with the all time classics. The vast published materials cannot be remained untouched if we want to seriously cultivate our own writings. So one can easily say, reading also cultivates the writing skills as well.

If we want to probe farther, we would find out that most of our readings are more or less superficial as we don’t have much time. And this superficial reading actually is wastage of time. It helps us neither in building up our conceptual domain nor in the growth of our writing ability. Yet most of the time our reading lacks proper attention. We don’t even give much time to think about the book or the writing or the poem that we have read. This way we put a limit to our own growth which makes our writing vulnerable to the test of the time. Actually superficial reading boosts up superficial writings. Obviously this will make a negative impact on the literary environment worldwide. Ironically very few of us are aware of this painful fact. Yet none of us discusses it publicly. I think it is high time that we should give proper attention to it, and start thinking from within.

Dear readers let’s take this as our New Year resolution this time. Let’s make 2019 the reading year in our individual capacities. Let’s read more and discuss with our friends and co-writers about the books in-depth and the importance of reading as well. Let’s hope, this practice will definitely help us in our writing as well. So we wish Happy New Year to all our readers and writers as well, from the editorial desk of Our Poetry Archive. Let’s hope for a prosperous and eventful year for each and everyone around the world. We need a peaceful world for the actual development of the mankind.

Our Poetry Archive would like to introduce more and more new poets. Anyone can join with us to showcase his or her poetical talent. One can send at least three poems and a current profile picture along with a short Bio written only in 3rd person narrative attached with the mail to our mail address: <ourpoetryarchive@gmail.com> Sending poems to our mail address will be considered as an explicit confirmation of the permission of the poet to publish his or her copyrighted materials to Our Poetry Archive. The copyright of the published poems will always remain with the individual poet. Please note that .pdf files will not be accepted.

With this note I would like to thank all the readers and writers of the Our Poetry Archive on behalf of my co-editors for your support and contribution to make OPA an international monthly web journal of excellence.

Thank You.
NilavroNill Shoovro.
From The Editorial Desk



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