Tuesday, January 1, 2019




Last night I dreamt dreamt & dreamt

Floating floating floating around
wading the wide wide universe

no more was the Earth encircled by confusion
stalked by war
raped by division

what I simple soul could see & hear

so different minds in total consensus
such various qualities in perfect identity
so complementary colours in total harmony
so many hearts beating in perfect unanimity

what I simple soul could barely think

all this clear homogeneousness
all this sheer oneness
all this definite sameness

is it not the reason for final union
for permanent indivisibility
is it not the best solution to so divided mankind?


See such hands folded exactly
glass & the colour of sunshine.
Face, wrinkled like wrought wood,
fire, white like stars.

A single stroke, a single bump,
tells her years of very stubborn work
rolling around her only art
ribbons tied across her lonely heart.

her neck blows like her husband’s blowpipe
the pipe at the back of the room
where she spent so many long, long nights
watching him work by heart.

Your eyes wonder & wonder:
to her the ever most sparkling bubble belongs.
The man of her dreams came true:
she caressed that glass, the hottest mass.

Fire, white like stars,
Face, wrinkled like wrought wood.
See such hands folded exactly
glass& the colour of sunshine.


You were ninety, you fell asleep so soon.
Your fierce smile roared through the house,
Such saucy words & starry eyes.
We cannot wonder why, oh why.

We miss your wild, wild reproaches,
How you spread strength when all around was so weak.
We miss your awful efforts to protect us so.
Why, why did you want to go?

We really miss your harsh, harsh voice
quarrelling with your outdated typewriter.
We miss you smoking & shouting.
We cannot wonder why, oh why.

We miss the stories you told us together,
spilling milk in the sink, driving Mum mad,
your new tie forgotten on the desk.
Why, why did you need to go?

We both love you, Daddy. Now it is terribly clear
we can do nothing to have you back here,
we just can’t see why life is so sunless & sad.


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