Tuesday, January 1, 2019



WHEN I AM GONE. ~~~~~~~

When I am gone,
gone to that far away land
merging with the sublime brown earth
Shed no tear, shed no tear
Nor place lilies on my grave
Just see that the children
I used to feed, are fed every day
I would love this service
Than lilies on my grave
Shed no tear, shed no tear
Nor think of me
As I am a thousand miles away
I don't sleep
I wander everywhere
To see the poor children are fed !
When I am gone, gone
Shed no tear, shed no tear
As I am a thousand miles away
I do not sleep
But I dream of the poor children
I used to feed !
When I am gone, gone
Shed no tear, shed no tear
As I am a thousand miles away
Enjoying my eternal peace !
Shed no tear, shed no tear
Place no lilies on my grave
As I am a thousands miles away !
©® Sarala Balachandran


When the sun sinks in the ocean
Leaving everyone in darkness
The fireflies light the dark paths
Glowing beautifully like bright stars
Many on the streets are
Without any shelter
Shivering in the cold
When the cold wind blows
Mercilessly on them !
Many wives spend lonely nights
Sitting in their prayer rooms
Tears rolling down their cheeks
Waiting for their husbands
Fighting on the border
They are living with fear
Of losing them to the motherland !
Yet they show their courage
To show the world
They are strong enough
To live alone with their kids
And bring them up
As per their father's wish
As he is guarding our motherland
The worthiest of all jobs !
Often she quietly picks up
Her husband's picture from her bag
And holds it next to her heart
With a sigh which only God can feel!
She hears the bell
Runs fast to open the door
Only to see a van with
The body covered with a tricolour flag
She never wept
But only a weak murmur
A triumphant murmur
Jai Hind !
Sarala Balachandran

LISTEN .......

In the lonely night
Listen to the echoes of your heart
It sings beautiful melodies
Only for you!
At the beautiful dawn
Listen to the song of the cuckoos and the freshly bloomed pretty flowers!
When sky is cloudy
Don't get disheartened
Look at the happy peacocks
Dancing with their tiny feet!
When there is a storm
Don't get panicky
Soothe your heart
Listening to the rustling leaves!
There goes it's drizzling
Listen to the pitter patter sound
On the tin roof like the orchestra
in full motion !
Angry waves troubling your mind?
Listen to the sound of the waves
Hitting the shore and receding!
Everything in the world
Gives you pleasure
With a positive approach!
God is great
He knows how to keep us happy
In troubled times!


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