Friday, May 1, 2020




I wonder how many birds are there in this world
How different they are
In shape and feeding style
A bird can survive in freezing land
A bird crosses large distance,
Heading to the south to find the nest of its ancestors
How hard its journey
Perhaps more enjoyable Than my life
And that prestigious bird,
Spreading its feathers, exhibiting the immense beauty
Proud like a sultan of its time
Speechless I’am
What a diversity, What a beauty
How great thou who created them

A Feather Of Light

A feather of light
There in the field alone
I felt pain
Though I ignored the bird
I checked my arm
Perhaps it was mine

On The Cloud Nine

Why should I care?
Even the sun doesn't appear everyday
Why should I care?
Even the rainbow shows rarely its  beautiful colours
Why should I care?
Even the ocean is not always calm
Why should I care?
Even the rain doesn't fall everyday
Why should I care?
Even the sky is not always clear?
I am just like them
Sometimes I shine and sometimes I hide
I care only about the present moment
Today I’m walking
Jumping on the cloud nine
ET après que sera sera
What Will be Will be


AZIZA DAHDOUH a poetess at home from Algeria. She likes writing in English language and Arabic. Her writes were published in many international magazines and anthologies.

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