Friday, May 1, 2020



Revival Of Spring

After so many years
I have quite a quiet leisure
With ample time to be with myself,
To care my rough nails and fingers
To rest my feet, sit silently and just ponder,
No hurry to complete the daily chores or official tasks
No need to look at the mirror to set the makeup mask.
After so many years
We have quite a quiet leisure
To sit together face to face
He is not in a rush to catch the bus
He delved deeper into my eyes wide open
In search of the treasure, long forgotten
And set with his loving fingers
My unruly willow hair
That obstructed his vision
And I remembered his alluring eyes' forgotten colour
For long we shared and cared
His smile spread to mine
Again we know each other
As Spring revived within us with a new vigour.
After so many years
We have quite a quiet leisure
To enjoy from our terrace the bliss of Nature
The green lolling tongues chanting together
The glory of the supreme Creator,
The cuckoo with his mellifluous song joined as their partner
The air perfumed with the fragrance of mango flowers.
After so many years
We listened to the voice of Nature
So distinct and clear
No human voice to interfere
Spring set in with much vigour and fresh flavour.
(c) Namita Rani Panda

My Mangrove

As a propagule you dispersed to the shoreline of my cove
With the turbulent tide of time to grow into a mangrove,
Despite the harsh saline waves of hatred and rejection
Your succulent leaves of love discarded salt and spread unconditional affection.
You flourished in my oxygen poor sediments
And as a walking forest, slowly inching towards my troubled heart
You colonised a tiny bit of me , each moment.
In the moments of trial and tribulations
Your lush green hopes slow down the flood of my fear and negativism,
The upset mind of mine settles down
And clear thoughts flow in through your tangled roots of prudence.
As an enduring fort you stand firm
To ensure that no stormy wind or mighty wave can do me any harm.
A natural nursery you're
Where love and faith naturally breed,
Eternally you stand by my side as an ever supportive guide,
My evergreen mangrove you're
Amidst adversity, a tiny patch of green love you're!
(c) Namita Rani Panda

Islands Of Life

Sweet moments, though infinitesimal and intensely brief
Are bewitching islands in the vast blue saline ocean of life,
Pristine, pleasing and supremely serene
Where hope hops happily like forest, lush and evergreen
Decked with ravishing velvety peaks and fringed with beaches of gleaming white sand
Rimmed with rustling palms and coconut, it's truly a devine dream land,
Innocence and humanity still thrive here in its purest form
Untouched by hypocrisy and sophistication of modern civilization,
Peaceful positive vibes prevail plentifully on this pious patch
The ceaseless mellifluous melody of moist cool breeze has no match
Birds sing sweetly to sooth and solace the tired souls
A sumptuous feast to the eyes are the endless waves in their tireless rolls,
The ever agile sea keeps on giggling gleefully showing his teeth brilliantly white
Inspiring the viewers to keep smiling and never to accept defeat,
Despite threat of being drowned in the sea of gloom
Holding its head high boldly it stands like a green indomitable domb,
Though a tiny pinprick in the vast fathomless ocean,
The only hope for lost sailors are islands as happy hours are for gloomy humans
As bee and butterflies fly from distance and cling passionately to fragrant flowers for a drop of nectar
Busy men today beeline to islands in search of peace and a pinch of pure pleasure.
(c) Namita Rani Panda


Mrs NAMITA RANI PANDA is a poet, story writer and translator from Sambalpur district of Odisha, India. She now works as Vice-Principal of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Cuttack under the Ministry of HRD, Dept. of School Education and Literacy, Govt. of India. Her three published Anthologies of poems are Blue Butterflies, Rippling Feelings and A Slice of Sky. Her signature words are love, optimism and self-confidence.  The main themes of her concerns are social injustices, love and other issues related to life. She is an active member of Cosmic Crew, a literary group of women poets in Odisha working with the motto “My pen for the world.”