Friday, May 1, 2020



Talking With The Time

I took a tea with the Time
and he asked me, after a while
-How smells the love?
Love smells ...
... like white flowers on the plain
when he puts all in my hair,
... like the rainbow on the sky
when he is with me, behind,
... like the chocolate on my lips
when he give me one sweet kiss,
... like the shining on my eyes
when he keeps me close and tight.

Time was thinking
and asked again
-Who is he and how he smells?
He is ... all I dreamed to be
and he smells ... he smells like me.


The butterflies live only one day
to fly away
with joy
over the rainbows,
over the flowers,
over the lovers,
over the happiness.

The butterflies never see
the colors of their wings,
but go on to fly,
to play,
to run away
with joy.

I'm a little blue butterfly,
you are my day.
I live, I love,
I fly away.


Dear Sir Soldier,
please give me your gun!
Why to shoot me?
Why to shoot my mom?
Who will be happy
if you kill my dreams?
Who will be happy
if you break my knees?

Oh dear Sir Soldier,
please give me your gun!
I want to put on it
white flowers and run,
I want to replace
your bullets with fun
...and when you will shoot me
think I'm your son... .

Oh dear Sir Soldier,
please...don't use your gun!


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