Friday, May 1, 2020



My Grounded Body

In my galactic space I choose to dwell,
Giving meaning to my existence
I open my heart and listen
To the secrets of my inner space
It tells me to be brave, passionate, wild, and free
And I am willing to surrender like I were a fertile tree.

My galactic space tells me to ground my soul in my body
So that I may find temporary peace on earth
For once I am earthed, I understand,
The profound truth behind my existence,
And I will see everything with clarity,
That this grounded body is my temple of divinity
I can now travel through this galactic vacuum
I see myself as a structure of atom split into
Multiple galaxies and planets that define me
A cosmic space I choose to dwell will divine me
I will be the creator of my own world, here I'll stay
With my grounded body as my Mother Nature
She will heal me infusing her vibration into this new creature.
Jenayah Hela tekali
Copyright 21/03/20


Love between us starts as a telepathy
Exchange of mirror neurons between you and me
I see you despite the distance that separates us
It's like neuroscience that connects us.

The psycho space becomes a vacuum place
Consciousness runs faster than any kind of race
Our bodies and souls soar in the open sky
Ethereal selves glide high; and soulfully fly.

Telepathy is this union between you and me
Older than billions of years, and any time of history
It is this spirit of science that bonds us together
A butterfly of the ethereal self-softer than any feather.

Telepathy is that energy between you and me
With vibration, frequency, a bit of electricity
When your spirit touches mine even from afar
Distance dissipates as you appear before my eye.
Jenayah Hela Tekali
Copyright 15/ 03/ 20

The Big Bang Of My Heart

Existence starts with an explosion of my heart
With hydrogen and helium blowing up from the scar of my art
I am that carved stone that gushes water
The cracked rock with an unchanged matter.

Existence is tied to a mystifying chemistry of love
Two bodies that dissolve into a chemical reaction
Alchemy that splits into magic from above
Oxygen and water turning into a chemical equation.

A field of electrons constitutes my nuclei
Protons and neutrons wobble, whirl, and sway
A puzzling magnetic field my heart is trapped in
A Big Bang, a chemical nomenclature of good and sin.

An explosion of my heart gives birth to my muse
Anions and ions that crash, disperse, and fuse
Chemical compounds drown me in this ingenious periodic table
For the big bang of my heart has become my new label.
Jenayah Hela Tekali
Copyright 28/02/20

Hydrogen And Helium

Is my soul made both of hydrogen and Helium
Or of the two compounds of methane and iron
I am the essence of my own chemistry
And the chemistry of my own essence
I am the noble gas that gives impetus to my magic
The oxygen and water that give birth to my lyric
My soul takes birth out of the womb of chemistry
For hydrogen and helium dissolve in my poetry
My E motion is tied to a chemical reaction
A formulae of electricity and magnetism that convert into a chemical equation
The kinetic theory of gases inspires my muse
To write about the chemistry of the universe
As substances and their behaviour with my
Kinetic energy burns and fuse.
Jenayah Hela Tekali

"BE" And It "Is"

From surat yasin originates all my " Sin"
It is my self-redemption when i look from within
It has always been my beholder and my glory
from a past full of mistakes that led to my sad story.

Allah created the universe by uttering " Be!" and it is,
and destroyed it by the utterance of die and it is
He who hath created the heavens and the earth is able to lead me
Far beyond the dungeons of darkness and sins and heal me.
He who hath given birth to dry bones, and decomposed bodies
He who hath created Jesus in the image of Adam from dust and said: " Be!" and it is
He who hath granted zakarya with Yahya when he was old and his wife barren did whatever He please
He who hath gifted Mary with a son when no man touched her
when he hath decreed a matter said to it: " Be!" and it is.
How can now rules of science be valid in front of " His"?
When above the " Relativity" of time and space He decides: " Be! and it is
So glory to Him in whose hands is the dominion of all things
In whose utterance lies the truest " Theory to Everything."
" Relativity ' is that modern concept that is still submissive to the will of the " Sublime"
Whenever one of us sins and asks for forgiveness His mercy challenges all boundaries of space and time.
Love is granted to all when He decides: "Be! and it is"
All source of " knowledge” ‘itself dissolves in front of ' His'.
Jenayah Hela Tekali
Copyright 29 /01/20


HELA TEKALI:Hela Jenayah Tekali is an outstanding mystical poet from Tunisia. An English teacher at the Faculty of Science, Tunisia. She has authored 6 books on Sufism and Spirituality, and Mystic poetry. Halos of Light ( poetry 2015) , the Quest of Love ( poetry 2017) , the Soaring of my Soul ( poetry 2018) , Mystical Eye ( 2018) and The Song Of The Thirsty Bird ( 2019) ; “Metaphysics : A Mirror to Mysticism” ( literary criticism 2019).She has co-authored a book on Indo – North African Poetry entitled ‘Eternal Showers’. She has also figured on several international anthologies such as Rain Drops of Love, Birds of Peace, Ambrosia, and Our Poetry Archive. Hela Jenayah Tekali is a thorough – bred mystical poet who was honoured as Most Outstanding Mystical Poet by Philosphique Poetica, an international forum dedicated to Poetry, Art, and Philosophy. She was also conferred the Award of Ambassador of Literature by Motivational Strips, another international portal dedicated to poetry.

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