Friday, May 1, 2020



Gender Disparity

Long debates have so far been discussed about patriarchy,
affirming dominance, chauvinism or so-called monarchy.

An attempt to restraint or protect not is authority.
Rules and norms further intensifying disparity.

Humiliation, guilt and blame are tools to control
to forbid the rights and privileges entitled at all.

Education and education can only lead to enlightenment.
Hey girls! Raise, awake and embrace this empowerment.

Be a doctor, or a lawyer or in any other walks in life,
better to certify, rather than being anyone’s wife.

A woman’s happiness is no more restricted to marriage,
but on herself, the way she nurtures well with courage.

Shame to the modern world, where women are left behind.
Sorry to say, such community deliberately seems to be blind.

A society that fails to harness the energy of gross
women and their creativity, not only obstacle but a loss.
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Festival of Spring, festival of colors.
Iridescence all around, knowing no bars.

A day’s canvas- in myriads of opalescence.
Celebration of victory over wrongs with legends.

Faith survives, Holika burns to death.
Love overpowers evil with every single breath.

Carnival to commemorate “Raas Leela”.
An enduring love saga of Radha and Krishna.

Mystifying shades with flamboyant tint.
Colored powders and water colors in every print.

A day to smear and splash with vibrance,
Filled with ecstasy, joy and radiance.

Rainbow of colors- red, blue, green and yellow,
orange, pink and purple in electrifying glow.

Let the spirit of bliss and happiness enlighten
harmony and content, experiences that brighten.

Let “joie de vivre” sprout with tender leaves
and blooming flowers that spring conceives.

Message of love and brotherhood spreading over miles,
stretching all over India and abroad, amidst merriment and smiles.
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My Feudal Lord

It’s been long time, since you left,
might be quite few lengthy years.
A bleeding heart, a weary soul,
a bouquet of words inked with tears.

Invisible scars and wounds that caused
failed to heal over time and again.
Preposterous yearnings craved so badly,
Disrupted world and drove insane.

Flaming hugs and kisses that still
linger and confine this body and soul.
How to forget you, my dear, that
made me complete, full and whole?

Today, it’s only memories that haunt
and pull me far to distant past.
Seem so bright, but can’t hold tight,
wiped out from this mortal crust.

Believe me, tried to replace you, not
once ever but more than that.
Something or other appeared such
came back to you, kept off my hat.

Even without being with me,
you embrace me in every way.
Thy casting spells from far off land,
enthrals every night and day.

Your valued presence in my life is
far beyond the truth to accord.
Listen to this shattered heart, it
whispers thy name, my Feudal Lord.
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