Friday, May 1, 2020



Ladies for fair

Deep in the woods or deep in the sea,
Beauty at work with heavenly plea.
Tender the soul and tender the bones,
Mingle our senses in their zones.
Their telling touches flowing in our veins,
Care our madness with their reins.
A little glimpse can mend our core,
Take us close to dancing floor.
They are soothing in many ways,
Take our time for heavenly plays.
Their soft tissues work wonders for ages,
Eyes on the bow even for sages.
They are the guardian for worldly motions,
Wheel our carts for a heavenly station.
Happy always with what they give.
Paint your home as you please.
Some insane men and lustful eyes,
Shameless class and shameless views.
Men are sane only for them,
Get to the crest with their claim.
Treat her right and treat her wise,
It is always a heaven where she flies.
Copyright 2020


O beautiful friend of our lives
You are still touching in your absence,
In the loose grip of time
Our hearts are not separated,
For our truthful accord
And unique and unified league,
For our love for sense
And our mutual well-being,
Such is your friendship
Enliven in our veins.

O sweetest of friends
What can I tell about you?
A bunch of rose for you
To utter your name in our loneliness
As a smile on our face,
Is it you! My dearest Roseline
A spelling of our youth,
That's hilariously hidden in our hearts
Like the swelling nostrils.

O sweetest of friends
Our sweetest dream,
We extend our arms
To embrace your joyful self,
Touch your graceful hands
To heal some long-suppressed wounds,
We designed on our own leaning
When we sat together
In our teasing corners
To grace life on its pleading.
Copyright 2020

The Shadow Man

I am a shadow man
Always with you,
In the good morning air,
And in the evening prayers,
In your worries,
And dancing with the fairies,
To rub your moments,
Down the lane.

I am a shadow man
Always with you,
Smiling at your faults,
Cheering your badges,
Gossiping your silence,
With invisible senses,
Make you joyful,
And make you blessed.

I am a shadow man
Always with you,
A truthful follower
Touching to your core
For inseparable leaning,
A soul matching
For time and space
Readily managed.
Copyright 2020


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  1. Awesome poems. Congratulations dear friend!