Friday, May 1, 2020



My Picture Got Destroyed

Before it was made
The picture was weird!
From sun I was seeking shade
My eyes were a fountain from the wind.

It was a weird night of October
The darkness was warm and heavier

A three-sided triangle was made
If they were the two, I was the third

Who was he giving the ring to?
While my finger was on his head

When I awake from obriety I realized
I was ignorant of the conjugal night

I knew it was not possible
I was waiting for flowers in Autumn

Why should I bear the pain again
Why was love a traitor again

How can Venus be the symbol of the Love
Full of conspiracies, beautiful though!

The Wall!

U ask me what do I do
I dance till I drop
And dance again.

Zulqarnain was a great King
He conquered the whole world
Then he found two people
Gog n Magoog
Who created chaos all over.
He built a great Wall
Of SALT, which was
Reaching to the skies.
And which they could not

Every day they suck the salt
From the Wall, till evening
And when the sun sets
They say, " only one salt stone is left
We can do it tomorrow."
But when sun rises they see
The Wall is as new as before
Reaching to the skies
So they start sucking the salt again
And the evening comes
And sun sets again
And so on n so forth
It goes on, till the time
When sun will rise from
I do the same!

Dressed In Love 💙
Poem written in Gammo style

Ella was dancing
Her toes never touching
The dance floor

Ball room full of Lighting
Couples rolling and rocking
Aspire to be the best Dancer!

Champagne pop by host
Glasses refilled and toast
Prince was a real charmer!

Then big ban purred
It's twelve O clock.. er!
She ran into the stairs

Where she left a sandal
So beautiful and magical
Made of shining glass!

In dark she disappeared
In love Prince wondered
From towns to kingdoms!

She lost her glamour
But still had fever
One day Prince came

Finally, on her doorstep
Asked all girls to buckle up
The sandal kept in time

It fitted no maiden
All longed to get in
He asked if anyone left

Oh, it's just cinder fella
Known as Cinderella
She is nobody important!

He still insisted
And the shoe fitted
Perfectly on her feet!

Thus, she became queen
And got her place again
Where she always belongs!


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