Friday, May 1, 2020



Don't Go Away
From My Heart

Don’t go away from my heart
Although time has made us depart.
If love is a momentary thing
Time kills the feel
Then how come love would heal?

You are still there with me
In my every pain and glee,
You are part of my every dreamy night
Every morning you take me another height,
You are that imagery of my heart,
That gives me a divine strength
To fight.

Don't go away from my dream
Stroll with me,
O my love supreme.

You Are Still
Unknown To Me

I often do the things
You don't care
Sometimes your negligence
Made me torture.

Is it that?
My heart doesn't connect you
Or it's life's busy chore,
Several times I asked my heart gore,

Nowadays what you do
I don't bother,
We dine, we seat, we make phone calls
With each other,

Sometimes go out together,
Sometimes you like my smile,
Sometimes you like my attire
But with you nothing my heart can share.

Sometimes a question around me hover
Is there anything called forever?
I don't believe in momentary pleasure
If there is nothing to recall ever and ever -

You are still unknown to me
I'm not known to you
Alas! I made enough effort
But still, my imagery nowhere resembles you.

My Pen My Strength

Uncapping my pen,
Wrapped all my pain
In my turbulent vein,
I started to write a poem again.

Most of my efforts went in vein
I stumbled, limped, cried
Then ran again.

Now, this is my turn
To stand and turn,
What destiny has left behind
To burn.

My pen is that power
What wiped my tears,
My ink is the best way
To share.

Many moons ago
I can recall, there was tower
Climbing on that what I felt
The world is not unfair,

Keep going on however,
Someone is always there
Who keeps his eyes on you
Have faith on his Supreme Power.


SUMANA BHATTACHARJEE is a bilingual poetry writer from India. She born and brought up in city Kolkata in a family of teachers. From her childhood she has keen interest in music, poetry and drama. She completed Masters in English literature and honours in Bengali literature. She is a published poetry writer and founder of an online poetry group. She is working as an admin of four poetry group and she wants to spread love, peace and harmony through her poetic efforts. She has been awarded "Diploma" by "Motivational Strips" (world largest literary forum) and she has been awarded by certificate from Government of Peru for her literary excellence. Her poems have been published in many national and international anthologies, magazines and blogs. Poetry is her passion and she wants to continue it until her last breathe.

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