Friday, May 1, 2020



Bacha Posh

Free myself of isolation chains
all obscurity surrounding my mind
the walls that deny existence
open now the entrances of liberty
let me be a self beyond the curtains
that blinds all light, dampening the spirit,
for a bird is about to die!

I will gladly hide my soft curves
while the fresh air hits my face
with the flavor of danger
the sting of manhood
ruling the world.

*bacha posh –  "dressed up as a boy",  refers to a practice in which a daughter is picked  to live and behave as a boy in a misogynistic culture.

A Song For The Wind

let’s unnest the idle story
write again on the tired wall
before time elapses farther,
for the nightmare of the afternoon
dares to entertain itself
on the pulse of eloquent deceits,
casting shadows over one eyes
only to return blinded
calling for true colors
unable to grasp
the sky.


return all dreams
to mother earth
call back the birds
to their sacred dwelling
let the magic emerge from
each flower that blooms into the air
so life can sing to the morning
as the sun arises to kiss
the soil that sprouts sustenance
and mirrors itself over the ocean
let the animals dwell the land
unharmed by our arrows
in soul harmony
for we are one with all creation
heirs of its wisdom and glory
all eternal mysteries
while love
spin vigorously
giving birth to
inner beauty!


LUZ MARÍA LÓPEZ is a bilingual author from Puerto Rico – Caribbean. Poet, narrator, editor in chief, anthologist, translator, international cultural promoter. President of the Academic Committee for the International Book Fair EMH in Puerto Rico. Kathak Literary Award 2017.

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