Friday, May 1, 2020



Nothing Left

Fighting, biting, spitting rages,
anger, violence, rattling cages,
riots, rebellion, unruly behaviour,
nothing left for us to savour.

Stolen days, broken lives,
wasted effort, empty hives,
hollow echoes, vacant screams,
nothing left of all our dreams.

Lawless rampage, evil scramble,
discontentment, wicked gamble,
chaotic mayhem, resentful venom,
nothing left of precious freedom.

Entangled minds, hardened hearts,
twists spirits, piercing darts,
troubled souls, striking air,
nothing left to love and care.

Destructive world, perishing earth,
devouring hatred, withering mirth,
evil curses, rising insanity,
nothing left of glorious humanity.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright

Love Fulfills

Eyes that shine with birth of new life,
rivers of harmony killing all strife,
peace like streams of divinities worth,
lighting fires of eternal youth.

Vibrations divine flow from heart to heart,
inspiring hope for a fresh new start,
the power of love is quite electric,
igniting fires so marvellously eccentric.

Senses bubble and burst with flair,
hearts expand with glorious care,
love fulfils our every dream,
flowing forth like a rippling stream.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright

Dying Love

Physical pain is but the tip of the iceberg,
as the windows of my heart slowly close bit by bit,
it pains me deeply to bear my soul for all to see,
as pieces of it lay scattered across the earth.

With every blow a piece of me dies,
trust and love is slowly devoured,
violence shatters all life's beauty,
leaving hollow echoes in broken hearts.

Bodies stolen by evil forces,
destroying homes and lives alike,
pain explodes like volcanic eruptions,
rage devouring all gentle emotions.

Darkness feeds like a beast gone wild,
enslaving souls lost in the storms of life,
it has no mercy it has no heart,
as it rips humanity completely apart.

Scars are left in hearts and minds,
hidden deeply where none can see,
fear and terror steal days and nights,
leaving lost souls adrift in the dark.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


MONICA MAARTENS: South African Poetess, lover of nature, travel, animals, the essence of existence, the heart and soul of all living beings, exploring the reason for life, the inner workings of the mind, heart and soul and turning it into poetry for all to enjoy.

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