Friday, May 1, 2020



Light And Shadow

Doorway for haven
Endearing in the highway
Opted for the connection
Lingering in heart for the consultation

Longing for the pointers in view of inactive rights
Desire a yearning spirit for sunlit quest in avenue gathering
Weeding out the audition in light with its sleuth
Formidable flashes in the sky equinox surging

Clashing the titans of unison verging on
Movement of new eradication harnessing
Communing into the enchanted lifeforce
Covering the heart and the soul in its great exchange

Tasking the core and the depth
Forging the cognizance and the essence
Erecting in light and soul in the great pleasure
Gathering the house of earth enfeebling the baton spontaneously

Proven Point

To show filial affections in world ever changing
To be free midst the adversary wrestling
To belong as the world turns in its demography
Life always fund its costing to its finalization

To be looked upon on its different layers just be aware
To forge the different lines serving
To focus the world through marvel about it
To flush out the recurring reality infinitely

To overshadow the flushing of soul relentlessly
To formulate the world in focus as be different
To grow the world with its purpose
Simply write about the real stories

To insure the flushing out on its demographics
To move my world freely still hinders me more
To flush out the existence to flush out the existence
To lie in bed without hesitation or fear slaying the truth within universally

Plain Sight Of Things

Proven safety on the heart encounter
Recovering from illness
Recharging in a new avenue

Refreshing the freshen thoughts exuding
Life echoes in the haven lust of materialism
Light events unfolding and lover of life shared

Chariot of challenge enriching
Life surprises in unexciting times
Pointing into the direction of life chapters


ROY MARK AZANZA CORRALES or fondly called by his peers as simply Roy or Mark, he is fond of reading books when he was studying his early basic education at Marist School Marikina. He likes to read manga and comic books. He is an otaku for Japanese anime and Japanese manga. He was also engaged during his college education as part of Editorial Board in the seminary college as Associate Editor Reconciler at University of La Sallete Seminary, Silang Cavite, and also was literary editor at NFPIA Newsletter. He had joined collegiate parliamentary debate and accounting quizzes. At his spare time, he writes inspirational poems. He studied BSBA Management Accounting at ABE International College of Business and Accounting Cainta, Rizal. He was a former seminarian in a Franciscan all male monastery which once he holds position of Secretary General or Secretary of the community and former catechist in a parish from Diocese of Antipolo. After being awarded as Inspirational Poet at PENTASI B HISTORICAL FORUM 2013, he undergone research and has been a contributor/columnist in local newspaper, a press release entitled “PHILIPPINES, Poetry Hub of the World”; Also doing contributions for different anthology poetry like I am poetry, Verses: Storm of Philippine Poets and other anthologies. Last December 2013, he was able to hold a one-man poetry show at Library of World Art of Memories. He made his first visual poem entitled humility and was posted at PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry (https: // He has a Facebook page for his poetry as https: // or A Life Walker. This year he is in the process of making his first visual poetry book. He is currently a corporate secretary in a family business which is engaged in exportation of dried seaweeds under Corporation name of “ALGACROPS INC” from 2009 to the present.

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