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Why Do I Write Poetry?

I do not know how to live, without poems
Poetry, is the womb inside which
My mind, heart, and soul coil up
Take birth each day, a new-born
Curiously meets the universe with
Tiny marvelled eyes, and a hopeful smile
I write poetry, like opening the windows of a dark room
To let the warm fingers of the sun
Gently stroke the hidden aches of the dilapidated walls
To let the frozen teardrops, thaw melt and flow like rivers
Thirsty for ocean's love
I write poems, wrapping each one with gratitude and love
To the universe, to the Almighty, for
Allowing me to metamorphose through words
I write poetry, as a prayer, penance, and meditation
Surrendering to Nature's divinity, and eternal abundance
I write in humility, to plant seeds of hope, and love
To gift a smile, or wipe a tear or two
To shoulder the aching souls through words, dissolving distances
To be the voice of a myriad mute hearts
Observing the world, through the several pairs of eyes
I write, to become a florist
Creating bouquets of poems, fragrant with joy, and peace
Poems are all I have, to build
A home, a nest, a swing, or a cradle through words for the world
And, I write poetry, for myself too
For, in this unpredictable life
If someday I feel stranded, desolate
I would still have my poems, waiting for me
With open arms, cry for me, and with me too
I inhale life, trying to exhale poetry
Inhale poetry, to eternalise moments inked with love
I write poetry, to shed the "I"
Leave heart prints behind, on the sands of time...

Dear Post Box,...
Yours Whateverly...

A lonely post box, reluctant to talk
As I stopped to have a conversation
Lost weight, looked weak, barrenness eating from the inside

How many letters were once its happy visitors
Love, joy, tears, festival wishes
Meaningless invitations for weddings, of incompatibles
Letters requesting help, cringing and quivering in poverty

Delightful letters, carrying news of birth
Of the first rose flower, or tomato in the garden
A child writing to his/her doting dad
Who endures the pain of distance, from a faraway land

Letters, that carry the pigments of emotions
Blended with the ink, some words smudged by tears
Letters with eloquent ellipsis, and spaces to fill each other's hearts

Sheer joy, in post office visits
The stamps, inland letters, the glue made of maida with multiple fingerprints
Postman uncle's cycle bell, kindling curiosity
To run to the door, and wait for our names to be heard aloud

Receiving letters in glee, like an award
The restlessness to cut open, and feel the love from another city/state
The clearance timings, and reaching just on time
As if it was a race, well a racing heart maybe

"Where are those beautiful days, dear..."
I asked the post box, as it began to rain
"Am asking you the same...", said the post box, sobbing
We both hugged each other tight
Our tears blended with the rain...
Who else knows the pain of love, better
Than the rain, and the dear post box...


To steal your silence, and
Smear my words on your heart
Words that endure excruciating pain
Being unspoken
They stampede in my heart
Kicking, and scratching my vocal cord
Forcing me to speak to you
But you!
Your opaque selective-mute heart
Turns a deaf ear to my wailing love...
Let me steal your silence, and
When someday you decide to speak
I shall help you understand
How it feels, to be strangled by silence
When love kneels like a child
Crying, not for attention
But just to be lifted gently, and hear a kind voice
"My child, Why are you crying?!", and
As if it met a magician at work
Would smile, grin, through the eyes
The dimple brimming with joy!
Let me steal your silence
Scrape my words off too, from your heart
Your silence I steal is my sword, but
My words, need not be your defence.

Life's Small Pleasures

Waking up to a alarm-free morning
Like, early morning 9am
Inhaling Petrichor
Sipping cardamom tea watching the raindrops slide upon the Gulmohar...
Window seat, on train journeys
Hesitant smile from a passenger that blooms into a jasmine grin
The golden sun, melting into crimson-orange
When dusk blushes...
My Shyam(the happy crow) dunking biscuits in water
Much needed message from a Thozhi or Thozhan
When there is a storm in the mind, or the heart quivers...
Crisp blue Sky, and birds forming patterns
Butterflies kissing the flowers, landing on my shoulder
Pollen smeared on my soul...
Gazing at the intoxicating moon
While the Sea sings in the voice of the hidden pearls
Exclusively for me, through each wave...
Stolen kisses, ephemeral fights
Warm soul-hugs that speak volumes...
Writing a poem, and suddenly running to switch off the stove
(Oh the boiling milk, that I often forget!)
Playing with the choppu saaman whenever seeing children play...
Annoying amma, repeating acts that provoke her
To hear the music in her adorable anger...
Terrace moments, blanketed by solitude
Teary-eyed at someone's love, in an unexpected moment
That uplifts mood, and extends my smile
Buying food for a struggling soul, and
Leaving the place with a satisfied heart
Seeing new light in those eyes...
Feeling the texture of love
In the extra roses, the flower-seller gives with her kind smile
Balloons and chocolates, from a curious child
Offering with twinkling eyes
Cycling through empty streets, wearing wings of joy
Auto rides, and solo trips for coffee
Accessories from roadside shops, earthenware from villages, exploring Sandhai
Life's little pleasures are innumerable
Love is the seed; all the pleasures sprout from...


MADHUMATHI: An ardent lover of Nature, Poetry (English and Tamil), Photography, and Music, Madhumathi believes writing is a soulful journey of weaving one's emotions and thoughts, having a kaleidoscopic view of life through poetry.  She experiences Metamorphosis through writing. Nature is her eternal muse and elixir. Poetry, to Madhumathi, is a way of life, and loves to leave heart prints behind in gratitude, through her words. She strongly believes in the therapeutic power of words, that plant love, hope, and enable a deep healing. Madhumathi loves to spread mental health awareness through writing, breaking the stigma, and takes part in related activities, too. Madhumathi's poems are published with the Poetry Society India in their AIPC anthologies 2015, 16, and 17, the multilingual anthology 'Poetic Prism' 2015(Tamil and English),  Chennai Poets' Circle's 'Efflorescence' 2018, 2019,  India Poetry Circle's 'Madras Hues Myriad Views'(2019) celebrating the spirit and glory of Madras, in the UGC approved e-journal Muse India, in IWJ-International Writers' Journal (2020), and e- zines Our Poetry Archive(OPA), and Storizen.

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