Wednesday, July 1, 2020



About Being In Love And Being Out Of Love

This is not a scream, I just call out of love
No deranged theatrics, this is all out of love

Give me a carving knife and your name
On my arms I would just scrawl out of love

Let our breaths be the rainbow threads
Weaving an exquisite shawl out of love

Our souls will be the mortar and bricks
Building an indestructible wall out of love

No wicked distractions, no indifference
Nothing to push us apart or haul out of love

Waste not a moment of what we have
For tomorrow we may fall out of love

Places You Can Find Love

Places you can find love
It sits around lurking in places

You touch me all over
Nothing moves
Erogenous zones
Evade you yet again
All you leave with me
Is pain

You have emphasized in the past
That you are not looking for love
You emphasized it yesterday
That you are not looking for love
You have a banner on your back
"I am not looking for love"
I know
That you are not looking for love

But love doesn't know that
And it keeps finding you in many places
Hoping that one of these days
You will find it

Cheers To The Windowsill

On a windowsill
He waits for me

In the dark night
Unable to see

I have a choice
To be or to flee

The ledge creaks
As he adjusts the knee

Fragrant warmth
As steam wafts from his tea

Throw the night vision
Urges the bee

"Don't hesitate
Just follow me

I will take you across
The invisible sea

Beyond the horizon
And set you free"

I nudge away
The bee and her plea

On the windowsill
He waits for me


GAURI DIXIT when not busy working in her office, is busy being a traveller, climbing mountains, walking on untrodden paths, capturing the voice of a solitary flower blossoming from a rock or the bird sitting on a hanging branch, sometimes  the setting sun or the  sea  in her camera as well as in the words she weaves. Her poems speak in a voice which is unique, cold and direct. That she has been a part of many anthologies as well as a Reuel Prize awardee and had commendable mention at Destiny's Poet, is incidental. In her first book, ‘In My Skin, I Find Freedom’, there are poems on varied subjects, yet there is a common thread of a sceptical questioning mind of a free woman.

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