Wednesday, July 1, 2020



Women In Rural India

The lot of women in rural India is pathetic,

Toiling and moiling, with lives hectic,

Arduously weeding, ploughing, harvesting,

Wood and water from remote areas carrying,

Doing all the household tasks incessantly.

Their men sit down, with hookah relaxingly,

Command the family Hitler like authoritatively,

Always ordering the submissive women callously,

Even to cover themselves from head to toe,

In the scorching summer, like a foe.

With no indulgence in any relaxing activity,

The oppressed ones comply obediently,

For lust to be at all cost satisfied,

And to be against their will impregnated

Throughout their productive span nay.

As they have no say.

Some forced to marry older men are lonesome,

Facing physical and sexual violence at home.

Moreover, they risk rape due to open defecation.

And diseases due to lack of sanitation,

Or suffering from anaemia or other contagion.

Oh, oppressed ones with tolerance admirable!

With gender disparity incomparable,

Female infanticide is rampant.

Yet, most rural women form part

Of the agricultural work force,

But inadequately paid, with modern slavery in force.

As men take complete control over household finance,

Most women have no access to credit,

With no legal ownership of land to their credit,

And semi literacy hampering any benefit.

Responsibility to look after the children

Is again that of the destitute women,

Providing for them and values inculcating,

With continuous nurturing,

While the egoistic men like the tower of Babel,

In vain, boastful talks in panchayats revel,

With no iota of concern for these downtrodden,

The very beings from whom are born also men.

Alas! High time for these men to be circumspect,

And show some deserving respect!


Love, the power,

Love, the conqueror

Love, the healer,

Love, the balm,

Love, to bring calm,

Without qualm.

Love, the antidote, so very efficacious,

Love, the potent, such a powerhouse.

Love like the lotus flower, so resplendent,

Growing in murky waters, still so magnificent,

Representing majesty,

Sheer purity,

Absolute serenity,

Enchanting by its beauty,

Bringing fulfillness,

And heavenly happiness.

The Cosmic Dance Of Lord Shiva

The cosmic dance of Lord Shiva,

Symbolic as the lord of dance and drama,

With symbolic items decorated,

His body, fingers, ankles, neck, jewelled

Face, head, ear lobes and attire all decorated,

Varying with historic period and region.

Surrounded by flames in different legions,

Standing on a lotus pedestal,

Usually lifting his left leg withal,

Balancing, representing ignorance symbolical.

The fire also represents creation, dangers,

Heat, warmth, light and life’s pleasures,

The moon represents the eyes.

The third eye, referred to as the inner eye,

Signifies self- realisation, the inner wisdom, aye.

The smiling face of Shiva represents his calmness,

Engrossed in the contrasting forces of the universe.

His energetic rhythmic dance is the source

Of all movement within the universe.

From delusion, souls of everybody it releases.


PUSHMAOTEE SUBRUN studied in Delhi University, worked in Zimbabwe and Mauritius, was later a member of the Council of the University of Mauritius and is currently an editor in the Ministry. She is the author of: ‘Ella’, ‘Who is Your Best Friend?’ and ‘Short Stories and Fables’. ‘Dreams to Reality’ and ‘A lyrical bouquet of Soulful Poems’ will be published soon. Her poems have featured in prestigious online magazines such as ‘Setu’,‘Atunis Galaxy Anthology 2020’, ‘OPA Anthology of Poetry’, ‘International Poetry Anthology of Amaravati Poetic Prism’, ‘InnerChildPress Anthology, 2020’, ‘Best Poetry’, ‘Destiny Poets’ and selected as Poet of the Year and critic of ICOP Awards 2019

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