Wednesday, July 1, 2020



I Take This Moment

You swaddled me as I slumbered in my cot

Soft maternal folds of cashmere baby blanket in

Rubber wood, pale almost white

I sauntered below your sprawling banyan tree

Enclosing, enfolding, as a father would

A toddler playing house -house

Amidst violet petunias and sunny nasturtium

You led my hand as pencils and paper

from pine trees in my books, note books

Drawing sheets where I sketched my crooked ships

And coloured my streams and mountains blue and green

O Mother Nature you gave me cotton, silk, wool for my pinafore dresses

Leather for my shoes squeaky, shiny

Belts of varied styles, wallets and satchels too

Bountiful fruits bursting with radiant health

Leaves green, red, yellow vegetables packed with nutrition

Your basket nurtured me with luscious tastes and scents

While I guzzle fossil fuel as Petrol and kerosene

To race my automobiles on your ample chest

I will lie on a bamboo pyre tied with jute rope

When I bid you adieu on shoulders of friends

Logs will burn to make me ash

I will pollute you with my rotting smoke

I finally blend into your dust to dust return

I’m taking this moment to thank you for your mercies

For I had neglected a selfless mother like all ungrateful wretches do.
Copyright Lily Swarn 2.5.2020

Does She Know?

Does she even know about it?

This lady in her cotton sari

Head demurely covered

Glass bangles clanking in her wrists

The baby in a tattered make shift hammock

Tied to two dusty trees

Hammering stones by the pavement

Carrying gravel on her delicate head

Does she even know that some one

somewhere in the world is 'Celebrating'

International Worker’s day'?

The majestic buildings gleaming with glass windows

Look down vacantly at her

Her blank eyes drowning in spectre hollows

She looks towards the smoggy horizon

And sees not a single sign of hope
Copyright Lily Swarn 1.5.2018

The Good Earth

Why should we look for a heaven beyond

Tennyson’s brook, gold strewn streams,

aesthetic formations of monsoon clouds,

When the good earth stretches

its lithe toned limbs for us

Each oxygen rich life breath given freely

Each glorious sunrise injecting life in creation

Cereals feeding conglomerations of humanity

Fruits dangling seductively from verdant green

The alarm bells ringing loudly

Hark! It could have been a dirge

Time may be running out on us

A planet raped, abused, lynched,

Mobbed, destroyed, plundered

Wild animals cowering In fear

Their habitat getting smaller

Air emitting toxins, pollutants

Waters poisonous, cadaver ridden

Pesticides growing inedible food

O save our world dear Lord!

Forgive us our trespasses

Stop us from staining sins

Keep showering your mercy

The Good Earth writhes in pain
Copyright Lily Swarn 30.4.2020


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