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A deserted maiden laments on the meadow,
When enquired, I say “she is sorrow”.
Abandoned all alone, no hopes to receive a friend,
Passer-by glance at her and she mourns in pain.

Sorrow and happiness on a fine morn,
Sat by the lake and debated- they say.
Of greatness, power and friends as a goal
each casted opinion on their personal role.

Happiness had boundless to speak,
Of goodness, health, wealth, fame and friends indeed
Sorrow had no reasons of happiness
Since it was never heartily accepted

Happiness had ever royal things to claim,
Sorrow looked pale and envied its opponent
At the finale the expected happened
Happiness won with a landslide bargain

Then did sorrow lament on her existence
Why am I alive with no one as my friend?
I am a loner with no company
Seeking for a mate but deprived of acquaintance

Sorrow then reveals a secret to its opponent,
leaves a mark on the debated statement.
“I am the winner and you lose the game’’,
Says sorrow with sharpness certain.

Although I am unwanted, people try to abstain
I am the one who masters the game.
“You are good and filled with gifts
But seldom do people get the largesse”.

They want to abide by your side
But land up with my company beside
So, I am the winner and ever will be
Since they say, “I am the world and the world is me”.
Copy right by Tanni Bose


In the barren and untilled land of mind
A seed of thought was once planted, I find
The seed clutched the cognizance to grow
“I watered my mind with aspiration”, to quote
The seed was sunned with positive belief
Indeed was I happy to see the seed flourish
At times, when my mind was disquieted with thought
The rising seed underwent a stagnant growth
With lot of care and kindness
I nurtured the seed to progress
The heavens too collaborated in my endeavour
Nourished the plant of aspiration with tender
Provided opportunities in times needed
My plant of desire grew to fame everyday
Now the seed of thought has dissolved
And the tree of existence stands
Plant a seed and progress ahead
Then shall you find the tree of faith
Flower, fruit or anything envisioned
Or just a simple tree to provide a shade
Copy right by Tanni Bose

Frozen Desire

Every minute I see her sagging face
Embossed with deceptive thoughts
Of late, the obscure soul met with ignorance
And lamented on being left aloof
Like a portrait that has lost its lustre
With faded beauty down the lane
She swings between hope and despair
Longs for reconciliation on the debated truth
The cold flames fail to burn the difference
With only splinters alive
She watches the dreamy image walking hand in hand
The fairytale abruptly meets a suicidal death
With no choice at her stand
The seeds of desire freeze in extreme condition
With no warmth to caress and nestle
She waits for the day
When warmth would embrace the earth
And tiny leaves of hope would emerge
Copy right by Tanni Bose

Unborn Desire

Day by day the incessant reverie
Of altering the world with a magical wand
Inaccessible desires look achievable
Substantial impression seems petty
Gathering all together
With lot of imaginings and desire

All’s amazing, all’s blessed
Since all show up above the rest
My worlds nudge and budge ahead
Fling ambiguity on a pledge
I compete and compete until
Fatigued am I, drained and still
Then do I knock at an unvisited realm
Quietly residing an unborn countenance

With dazzling eyes and heart golden
It reveals its self, pure and plain
I am “gratification” godly in nature
Single am I and a loner
With me all desires die out
None dare to follow me in a crowd
I accept it with pleasure and love
Clinch to it with reverence above

Now I know my dearest acquaintance
“Gratification”- you are my only confidence
Copy right by Tanni Bose

Dawn And Dusk

Dawn and dusk
is the perception of our life
One shows the creation,
The other depicts the demise.
Both possess beauty
And has specialty of its own,
Oh! Dawn
A symbol of rebirth,
You portray the essence of life,
I follow you helplessly
With hopes and dreams to realize
You bequeath the faith in me
With your tranquil silence
I feel you conveying
Numerous thoughts in my mind
Thoughts, the essence of my life
Some materialize and some die.
But I always look forward
Oh! Dawn
For you is the cosmic source in my life.
I follow you and at most times
You companion me to dusk.
At times with a happy mind,
Sometimes heavy at heart
My dreams unfulfilled
I slouch on the lap of dusk
Only to be born again.
Oh! Dusk
You tenderly nurture me in solitude
Cajole me safe in blanket of love
Your deep eyes brighten my spirit
Adieu! Rings your voice
With new hope and pledge, I move on.
Copy right by Tanni Bose


Oh! Pathos I envy you,
I’m obsessed with your domain.
How cowardly of you
To take refuge in the lady,
of whom the mortal remain.
The portrait hangs on the wall,
with a veil covering her face.
But I see her mournful eyes
Declaring her poor fate,
I hear her heart’s cheerless song
Saturated with sadness
I see her losing jewels from her eyes
Distressed in loneliness
You have been the cruel Czar
Ruling her heart for ages
I disown you pathos
For, you have feasted on her flesh.
Oh! Epitome of evil
Why don’t you abandon her?
Leave the lady to her fate
Who laments in utter despair.
I’m neither your equal
Nor, are you superior to me
But Oh! Pathos …….. I envy you
For it’s you who reside in her heart,
not me.
Copy right by Tanni Bose

The Forgotten Promise

Like the bright full moon
In the sky of uncertainty,
Occasionally clear like a spectacular river
Shipping thousands of stars
At times, clouded as the heart of a deserted lover
Dreams with flights of fantasy
Beautified with endless speculation
Nestle in her heart.
The ripples in the water
Soothe her tormented mind,
Hollow eyes gaze at the sky,
feeling her lover’s presence
in the soft moonlight.
Alas! The clouds cover the moon,
she lapses into silence
sobs and walks away in the darkness
Copy right by Tanni Bose

The Smog

Terror! Terror! The morality burns,
How dreadful the clamor of screams and scorns.
Worn-out people evading for respite,
Hopeless souls clinging in despite
Hearty streets shower, heartbroken images,
The once untainted air smells burnt ravages
Colours are beautiful, I had learnt
But all colours here were, bleak and burnt
Fire and smoke a usual sight,
Hopeful men, homeless overnight
What a disgrace to human community?
No love, no ethics, no sign of pity.
Hyenas’ and jackals’ have men become,
Scavenging on human values, relishing the feast as fun,
Towns are open graves of men,
Pathetic humanity in disdain
Powerless tears crawl out of innocent eyes,
To empathy the poor souls, on their loved one’s demise
Terror! Terror!  The bitter frozen cries
The smog of terror reside in human eyes.
Copy right by Tanni Bose

The Eyes Have It

Those pair of stoic blue eyes
Like the blue water of ocean deep
Reveal the secret of the ocean of human heart
At times kind and divulging goodness
Sometimes tired and exhausted
Caressing the precious life surrounding it
Tears salty from the oceanic eyes so blue
Overlapping the boundaries
at high tide of human emotions
Possess an inviting, warm and pleasant look at sunny mornings
At times leaving a fearful uninviting glance in the tempest
Dear eyes, how lustrous and lively is your benevolent look
No secret lies hidden behind your walls
Good gracious eyes,
you convey numerous thoughts that poor words fail to
I have seen you burning in hatred
I have seen you dancing in joy
Always watchful and wide awake
Without you the world is dark and mysterious
Your innocence is a charm to take pleasure in
You command, request, ask, forgive, plead, deny ……………
A rare cluster of emotions
So, I say- The eyes have it.
Copy right by Tanni Bose

The Dark Mistress

The day takes a toll on me,
I stink sweat and breathe out exhaustion
A cool bath do placate my fatigue
refresh me
I perceive colours in the darkness of night
Twinkling stars are lanterns in darkness
Showering possibilities of chance over fate
A cool breeze fans and comforts me
She descends from the sky to embrace me
At times I feel her presence intense
I search the sky to get the vision of the stars
Instead I discover the moon
I feel her kiss revealing secrets
Oh! Dark mistress, who could have ever read your thoughts
For every night has a fresh story to tell
Unusual do I see you in the hours of darkness
Cheerful on summer nights
Possessive and lovable on winter nights
Drenched with tears on a rainy night
But your presence does make me feel obliged
Since it is you who imbibe the freshness in me
Your mesmerizing beauty has aroused lovers,
Has comforted the farmer’s son
Has kept the promise of ever visiting every night
I seek your company until the horizon is lighted
Then, Adieu! For you take leave of me
I recall the faithful time spend
Together in bliss…………..
Copy right by Tanni Bose


Mrs. TANNI BOSE works as an educator in Aravali International School, Faridabad now. She was an English Teacher at Tendruk Higher Secondary School of the Royal Government of Bhutan hails from Kolkata, West Bengal. She was born and brought up in the steel city of Rourkela, since her father was a SAIL employee there. Writing was always a passion for Mrs. Tanni. However, 2008 became a defining year in her life since she could publish a few of her works in the school magazine and made a self-discovery that she was indeed in romance with literature. It formally bloomed in 2012 when her first anthology “Dawn and Dusk” was published. Her readers, including critics confessed that a new breeze in poetry writing is here to blow to soothe and to ruffle too, of course. Her passion for reading and writing assured her a berth in the Writers Association of Bhutan and the Edu Talk where she thinks aloud to make the readers ponder, delight and at times wrinkle their brows. Her writing in facebook and her blog “A Grain of Faith” are being followed by many. Her articles in “Student Digest and Norzam Speaks” both publications in Bhutan are well taken by readers at large. She also contributes regularly in the international journal by “Taj Mahal Review” She has represented Bhutan as an official delegate in the SAARC Literary festivals in Thimphu, Bhutan in 2013. She was a delegate in the FOSWAL Literary Festivals at Agra and Jaipur in 2015 and in Delhi in 2016 February as well. “Floating Stones” is her second work of poems, ringing the inescapable paradox of existential pulls and pushes. The poetess here is swayed by multiple senses and sensibilities, reflected in these poems. Her third Book “The Molested Clay” and "The clife lady" is published by authors press New Delhi. Writing apart, Mrs. Bose loves reading, music and her students. Love given reciprocates. After all – books support her; music heals her aches and her students adore her. Life then becomes poetry to her.

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