Wednesday, July 1, 2020



Song Of Creation

I sing a rhyme of Seven Days
When Earth with Nature, Lord did bless.

At first Lord said with halo white:
‘Let there be light’. And all was bright.
Like Emperor Great, on second day
He built the Sky, a blue shimmering inlay.

Water, water everywhere, God brought all at one place,
On third day, he befitted land – with Herbs, Sea, Trees and Grass.
Fourth day He set two luminary balls, upright to sky’s height,
The King of Day: the blazing Sun and Moon: the Prince of Night.
To consecrate span of sky, to sing the praise of sea,
Fifth day he crafted Birds and Fish, as much as it to be.

The fate of mortal men did rise, and creatures all did thrive
When Lord sculpted Animals with Men after day Five
But knotted them with Nature’s law, with learning to survive.

A peaceful radiance smiled on Lord Almighty’s face
On seventh day, the day of Sabbath. He rested in deific grace.

And since that day we roam on land, singing all those days
When Lord with all His lofty art; shaped the earthen ways.

A Song Of Dance

The sway of flowers, the sway of stars,
The song of falling rain.
A charm in Nature, a radiance
Was seen when she did dance.

To and fro, back and front; the interplay of feet
And during dance she hummed so sweet, as birds in morning tweet.
All rejoiced on the land: trees, flowers, hills at height.
All rejoiced on sky’s face: Moon and stars in silver white.

As she danced, the Lords from sky
Looked and praised her grace.
All those Lords from heaven high
Showered blessings on her face.

And from some land, at a corner long
I wrote her rhyme, a dancing song
That till the doom will find its place
In the heart and soul of Human race.

O Night, Be My Friend

O Night be soft and be my Friend,
On me your hold, please put on End.
Let me go and sleep this wintry night
I have tasks from forth morning bright.

As Loyal friend I do give my word
Two days more and then like a bird
That turns to nest in every eve,
To you I’ll come. O Night! Believe.

And then your dark and my soul bright
Will make some songs, O dear Night.
But let me sleep for now, my Friend!
On me your hold, please put on End.


TESHIN ARMASH: Being a lecturer for English and Business Studies, English Academic writer, thinker, poet, novelist, traveller and nature lover, Teshin Armash has always sought a life of art and creativity in which he could carve a niche for his imagination and contemplation. His poems penetrate to the Romantic spirit of Wordsworth in their Modern garb with a rhythmic flow that is discernible in saccharine rhyme scheme. Born (1987) in Educational city, Kota located at North-Western state in India he attained his Bachelor’s Degree and then Master’s Degree in English. He started teaching at an early age when he was in High School. His passion lies in teaching, learning, reading and observation. He devised multiple inventive ways for his students to make learning better and retentive. He earned UGC NET English certificate and started academic writing and teaching Collegiate candidates. He expounded the modern literary theory of New Historicism against the backdrop of Indian English Fiction as his PhD research. His belief lies in learning as a permanent asset that makes you independent and scholastic. He believes that he has ever been auto-didactic. His literary aspirations are not only limited to poetry, he is even fond of writing short story, novels, research articles and non-fictional works highlighting the contemporary state, Indian way of life and the then elements that affect humans, life, environment and society. Being an Indian helps him delve into the cultural, social, spiritual and progressive model of creativity that polish his stand in literary world. Inquiring about his source of writing, he always exclaims, “The conversation with rustic and strange people during travel, deep thinking in woods or garden, reading literature and literary criticism and observation of the people and their ways are, not all but some, sources that confer to my creative and non-fiction produce”.

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