Wednesday, July 1, 2020



When I Am Gone .....

There will be a time
When every poem I write
I shall leave them all behind
Even if I am gone far
I will look down as a bright star
You will find me through my poems
The innumerable pages of my diaries
You will know me like never before
When you read me through my verses
You will find me in everything around
Everything that I touched
And that which touched me in turn
Read me through my dreams,
my aspirations, my world
Read my verses loudly
So that I can hear them clearly
Each of my poetries will tell you about me
Someone you would have not known truly!

Woman-She The Warrior

In the journey of her life as  a woman
She started with a smooth sail
In the calm waves of vast sea
The sea , where she had her family
Protective parents and loving sibling
Life was happy and joyful always shining
Little did she know about her destiny
The storms which were in store in future
As a loving daughter and a sister
She was the pride of the family
A lovely lady with beauty and brains
Then came the time in her life
When she wished to touch the shore
with her Prince Charming
With loads of dreams to make her home
In the sands of contentment
But all love stories don’t end up in fairy tales
Few unfortunate stories hit the tumultuous storms
At the age of 23 with big dreams
Of happiness and love
She is hit by the ugly reality
Falling flat from the fantasy world
The world of shocking truths
Doomed to drown herself
In sadness and depression
She remained as a woman
Caged in suffering and pain
Living life of abuse and humiliation
She had no one to fall back
Life looked meaningless and dark
When she suddenly realised that
Her inner soul was still alive
And if she rises to the occasion
She can change her destiny
She didn’t want to die like a coward
Nor did she want go through the torture
She finally decided to fight her demons
Because she knew if she tried
She can surely conquer all fears
Dejected, broken and depressed
Still with the WILL to start her life afresh
She rises and takes the courage to fight out
To walk out of the hell
To breathe freely once again
Today many years later
She is a symbol of strength
An inspiration for many
Having fought her battles alone
She has uncountable scars and bruises
Which still remind her of her struggles
But now she looks at them as her milestones
She is ready to take the flight of fantasy
Touching the stars as she succeeds in all her endeavours
She is the woman who lives her life on her terms
Only that she is on her way to break free
With an immense pride and glee!


MADHUMITA SINHA is an HR profession with a deep love for poetry. She is a published author of the poetry book ‘Heartbeats’ and has contributed to numerous International and national literary journal. She is also part of 6 anthologies so far.

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