Wednesday, July 1, 2020



The Sentence

The sentence ended in mid
Causing confusion
Arousing concern
Made me count for the future portion
Leaving me stranded
With the illusion
Some fragments and comprehension
Some predicament and hallucination
It did bother me
It did tremble me
I counted step by step
I measured brooks and coup
I concluded perhaps some sentences destined to be end in mid
They do convey for a brief span
Vanish away for a span
Parting is the surname of a new association
Remembrance and adherence become the connection
Though the sentence ends in the middle of rotation
Life seeks for new dimension.

Red Tulips

Thanks for the red tulips
Thanks for the rose of heaps
Thanks for the aromatic tea
Intoxicating air and the memorable sip
Together we shared a bunch
You made me smile and I guess you enjoyed the slot
The blink of green dots
The sign of blue dots
The phrase of red dots
Binge your appearance
and I could feel tint of carnival
in my senses and rapid plunge in jaw line
tussle of ocean waves in my bosom
our exchange of words were with a caution
I thought
perhaps some toughness may hurt your emotion
preliminary delivery of alphabets
tag along some sweet rhetoric phrases
little rhapsodic ,
little creative
Some emotive
some assertive
reflected in my action,
all of a sudden I desired to dance with the showers of rain
Till exhausted and till i could feel pain
your glaring countenance along with the effect red tulips
By the side of the hot tea and hot air in one commotion
were the cause of change in my body temperature.

Pink Bougainvillea

It may sound strange
May it hum outlandish
Possibly little crazy
Could be slight diverse
The letters of in verse
A dissimilar scene among the diverge
A scene of care
The sense of flare
The heights of concern
Emotions rise and fall
Feelings crawl
Colors of blue and pink stroll
The fragrance of jasmine
Beauty of red rose
The thorn of bougainvillea
And yet the attraction of it’s beautiful sight
Soothes heart and mind
The strings have loosened
The panoramic view of bougainvillea
Reminds me of the tie that had woven
Between me and the pink bougainvillea
Presently present with it’s aura and loveliness.


LOPAMUDRA MISHRA, resides in Bhubaneswar Orissa. She completed her graduation in English Hons from Sailabala Women’s college, Cuttack and post –graduation in English from Ravenshaw University, Cuttack. Her fascination for writing came from her grandfather and father from an early age. Writing for her is the powerful medium of expression.Her  poems  have been  published in many magazines and anthologies . Her works include her very own published books - “Rhyme Of Rain”, “First Rain”,” Tingling Parables”, “Rivulet Of Emotions”.

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