Friday, January 1, 2021






The patches on her petticoat,

were then being unstitched

the holes appeared on the patches

were making her body bare and her individuality contained


Her body emerged stripped alike the shed branches

dejected, like the phrase 'Parvati detained in Lanka' ;

Very poor!


Her torn beauty

was being ogled as the heron does keeping its one eye closed,

was being recorded in the mind-camera,


The lust-ridden vultures,

were hovering round her bewitching body popping out of the patches


It was as if

the preparation to welcome the unblotted 'Munny' in the disdainful town...






You, just mine,

and I'm yours,

I'm yours,

and you,  just mine.......


But this is just a perception,

yours, mine, mutual

But truth

just unaware....


Perhaps you,

all yours

and I'm all mine

just being 'self',

entangled in selfness we are.....


You possess your 'self' enigma,

have I too with me?......


Our bond bound with an anonymous inclination,

clenched with heartstrings

but virtually enigmatic...


From just both of us...


Today, wish to question just for this secrecy...

what name have you given to such relationship?




One edge was looking for the another one


One point of the edge was 'she',


While another point was 'he',


Then how will meet

two parallel edges with each other?





NEHA BHANDARKAR is trilingual authour, translator. Her 12 books in Marathi, Hindi and English have been published. She is receipant of many prestigious literary awards from India like state Sahitya Akademi and bagged awards from foreign countries also. Her many poems and stories are being published in many anthologies,  E Zines and magzins in all over the world. Her many poetries, stories have been translated in several languages i.e. French, Albanian, Phillipines, Nepali, Greece, Odia, Brail etc. Her poems and short stories have broadcast on All India Radio, Akashwani, Hindi Radio, Chicago (U.S.A.), Radio France (FRANCE) etc.

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