Friday, January 1, 2021




Mission, Tyranian Appeal!

Do, believe me, worldwide Dear Sisters, Brothers Poets,

I was born of a mother

White, Asian, African

the world of people I want to be with

no separation or hatred oasis,

I am simple, like thou, like you

red blood flows in my veins,

I do share feelings of love, beauty

like you, my world friends ...


... World Poets, I say so softly

do, come on!

Let us challenge darkness

remove disease of hate, stop spreading of intolerance,

close gate of selfish intoxication,

enjoy deserved kindness,

let us decorate world with love, fondness, religious tolerance

we can, it is our HOLY MISSION

do, please join the PENTASI POETS,

cure jealousy in your chest,

calm brotherly tremors,


believe me,

it is the greatest ever felt feeling,

when one's being evokes generosity.


I beg you, let us enrich,


erect GLOBAL eternal house of friendship,

deserved world for HUMANS.



World does NOT speak, nor laments

gnawed stick, trampled

thought, doing me injustice

you cover me with ugly umbrellas

I have been many times planted

at the greenery were planted numerous oaks

nature’s half-voice whispers

the more I ask, the more I deserve!

I address you

dress me in green

buy the fresh herbs

oak, scarred leaves, pink

fragrant aroma, lavender

I will stand proud

yes, daffodils flavor, poplars with gray bark

I want to make shadow, your soul to rejoice.


You will enjoy, allies will be full of joy

kid’s playgrounds filled with grass

under the chrysanthemum hidden lovers will knock to love

city eager for deserved greenery will invite you

do not know!

Anybody hears request of greenness!

of the Castle, the voice of responsibility

you came, yes, yes, you will go soon

what have you done, CALMLY GUILTY, CONSCIENCE !!!!!

I, the freshness

I just want justice, I do not ask for MERCY…


I Am Simply A POET

Please, do not call me sir

Indeed, even less democrat I am

certainly, do not think of communism

definitely, capitalism is foreign for me

rulers I try not to see

continuously I do bypass new riches

trying not to use mirror

since might reflect selfishness

please, just call me a poet

trying to be modest human

surely having made mistakes

I APOLOGIZE only to good ones

they, creatures, imitators walking head-up

away from the needy, very far


I do know, destitute is suffering for morsel

since I have a lot to say

unfortunately, one letter more they do not deserve

yes they do not deserve to be mentioned.


Mankind, billions spirits lived before and will live after us

millions of years the universe exists

for us, as weak creatures, glassy, ordinary

created is nature, decorated to be enjoy

yet, we forget being violated by ill jealousy

our deeds nature will not forget

Remember Sodom and Gomorrah,

destroyed is, destructed, faced sudden end

nothing more I cannot say

but please do not forget,

soon we will be forgotten

yes, dear poets we are mortal beings.


TYRAN PRIZREN SPAHIU was born in 1954, Kosova, and he graduated with a degree in English Language and Literature at Prishtina University-Kosova. He was awarded Poet of the year by Pegasus Albania. He authored four novels in two volumes,


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