Friday, January 1, 2021





Painting Memories


I'm spilling oil on the canvas,

I engrave feelings

on the whiteness of solitude.


I add nuances of hope,

mixed with faith.


I draw memories

of abstract shapes

that have your outlines.


You exist,

but nothing is eternal.


River Of Humanity


We came into the world naked and barefoot,

and then life taught us to be better people.

Have we learned the lesson of humanity?

Do we accept human diversity?

Do we feel human pain?

Can we prevent an environmental catastrophe?

Can we share knowledge?

How much can we accept religious differences?

Can we save the world?

I know, we can, because there is humanity in us.

Let's stop the wars.

Let us pray for the sick.

We plant empty fields for beggars.

Let's make people literate, prevent ignorance.

Let's be a drop of water, let's make a river!



The Ideal Family


Life is happiness,

love is a mission,

faith is health,

the family is a refuge,

by the flame of goodness

a burning fireplace,

where families dream together,

of better golden threads of life

because hope is a new magical day

who can joyfully awaken

every child in an embrace

parental words of support:

"We love each other unconditionally.




With thoughts of the past

I play poker life.

I unmask the memory,

switch the cards.

Curved thought finds

a winning combination.

All I have to do is peek into your eyes

and read the signs.



Journey Through Life


To be alive and to be your own,

I want to float like time,

but the goal is also to live with the knowledge of transience,

therefore, travel through the present with a smile,

singing with hope and a sense of satisfaction

towards everything that is the future,

don't let anyone

at the time of life's quest,

that freedom of opinion is disappearing,

the pleasure of creation

and faith in a better tomorrow.




DIJANA UHEREK STEVANOVIĆ Prof. Dr. Dijana Uherek Stevanović was born in Croatia and lives and works in Serbia. She has published 12 books of poetry. It has been published in over 200 anthologies and anthologies. He is a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Montenegro and is an ambassador and governor in the World Union of Poets. He is the founder and president of the Association of Balkan Artists. He is the organizer of several art festivals. He has won over 100 awards. He writes reviews and prepares books for authors from the Balkans. In addition to writing, he is engaged in painting and photography.


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