Friday, January 1, 2021





Everything Is Going Down


Winter is coming and everything is falling

Only the night is getting fuller and fuller

The pupils of the luminous sky are clear

They are apparently unharmed by fear

But humans are knocked back to their origin by the virus

Which looks for any weak body it can attack

Furious lips and teeth add to the confusion

Desire bends the path of light

The image of a world wrapped in roses

Covers its vast ugliness of reality,

A deception called prosperity.





Destruction Is the Highest Art  

 Facing the dim waves


Spring has been destroyed, summer is on its way


The lives fell for the earth have not held spring tightly


The daisies are spreading out the altar


More than three hundred thousand lives in the last four months


Like the branches and leaves destroyed by a strong wind




Is the earth shaking?


Wife lost husband, child lost parents


How to sew the torn bone?


The breathing lungs, the virus' shelters


Fear is just the thunder on a sunny day


The sun still spins overhead in daytime




Crematoriums, eyes, ideologies


All is not true, breathing is still breathing


Shrouds, the vultures became the winners


Reality, Ecuador's streets are full of dead bodies


Corpse loading vehicle and living people are sharing the same space in America


It's not a magic novel. The tongues full of gunpowder


can't change the powerful killing alien races




Rambling Cronus, please come back to the center of Justice


You can't be higher than ants, butterflies, even cockroaches


Small creatures sneak into the leather bag for food


Dust swept away by wind, has no number


We are used to cheating our brains with beauty


From birth to accept the anti reality,  illusion of fog


Pan American vocabulary constructs self happiness scene




Where has the Muses gone


Poetry can't break the shackles of soul


Destruction has become the highest art


The dew of breath will not praise the vultures who eat people


They try to occupy space with human beings


Strong wind breeds excellent painters


God of peace, please comfort the bleeding chests!




Money and power blind eyes


Prayer blinds wisdom


or some other unopened words


Who is promoting blood to squeeze out the whitening sky


Red and white are competing


Maybe white makes it possible to be longer


You know "water", the cosmic soul


All of you are just a flash of light




Time Is An Eye Penetrating Consciousness


Who knows that the unknown has no love

unless the soul destroys itself

no matter how many raindrops fall

from the clouds into the sea.

When the lips are full of angry portraits

then time is an eye penetrating consciousness.





ANNA KEIKO(安娜·惠子)once studied law at the School of Political Science and Law, Shanghai East China University, permanently living in Shanghai. Member of Shanghai Pudong Writers Association. Founder and Chief Editor of Shanghai Huifeng Literature Association and Chinese representative and director of the international cultural foundation ITHACA, and the Chinese representative of Immagine & Poesia in Italy as well. Member of the Board of Directors of the Young Writers Magazine and Member of the Board of Directors of New Literature Alliance. Her poetry has been published in more than 20 languages in approximately 110 newspapers and magazines spinning around the United States, France, Italy, Canada, Cuba, New Zealand, Tunisia, Iraq, the UK, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, the Philippines, Romania, Greece, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Chile, Peru, Poland, Kenya, Mongolia and others. More than 1000 poems of hers have been published up to now. Annaeiko was invited as a special guest to some international poetry festivals such as the 2nd Chalkida International Poetry Festival in Greece, the 7th Mihai Eminescu International Poetry Festival in Craiova, Romania, The International Poetry Festival in Santiago de Chile. In Rumania she was awarded the Mihai Eminescu College Medal and received a certificate of honor at the poetry, painting and music event in Curtea de Arges, the King Bashab Nigo medal. Her recently published English poetry anthology “The Language of Deep Sleep” has been greatly appreciated in China and dozens of foreign countries. The Chinese version of the collection was published by the Shanghai literature and Art Publishing House and broadcasted by the Shanghai People's Broadcasting Station. She was granted the excellence award of the Shanghai Citizen's Poetry Festival competition in 2017, won the bronze award of the First “Left Dragon Right Tiger Cup International Poetry Competition” in 2019, and was granted Special award “Best Strange Authors” section A of the Eighth “ The Colour of Soul ”International Poetry Competition in SanremoItaly in October 2020and also  awarded IL Meleto di Guido Gozzano (Italy) in September 2020. Anna Keiko has great publications ranging from poetry, poetry criticism, prose, essays, lyrics to drama, etc.


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