Friday, January 1, 2021






A Spider


A spider

That dreams a rainbow-colored dream,

Spinning the threads of desire

In a corner under the dark eaves.


Though no insects appear today

Like they did not yesterday,


It gasps entangled

Among the nets

Spun by itself.


But even moaning sometimes,

It sings the song of hope

Spinning another thread.



Tears Of The Moon


A woman who has come

Stepping lightly on the darkness

In yellow skirt and coat,

And white socks.


Why does she look around

With her big eyeballs?

Is it because she wants to see her lover?


In the whirl of flashes

Sharp like the edge of a knife

On the streets of blazing lamps and neons,


She’s shedding only tears

With eyes blind and heart torn

Shrinking and lingering.


House Of A Poem


I’ll build a house of a poem

Because it doesn’t hand a piece of bread or a penny

But it can be a spring water of joy or comfort welling up

That a piece of bread or a penny cannot give.


I’ll build a house of a poem

Because it doesn’t make weapons to be able to win a war

But it can transfuse the blood of wisdom or courage flowing

To be able to prevent or win a war.


I’ll build a house of a poem

Because it doesn’t have a tyrant’s knife

But it can be a teacher

To tame a tyrant’s tongue.


I’ll build a house of a poem

Because it doesn’t have a clever scheme

To prevent time from carving wrinkles on my sweetheart’s forehead

But it can be a book to keep forever

Her smiling face.


I’ll build a house of a poem

Because it isn’t a miracle medicine

To make the dead alive

But it can be a wonder medicine

To make the dying alive.


I’ll build a house of a poem

Even tearing all the flesh of my soul to pieces

Because it doesn’t prevent all the things of life

From going into the tomb

But it can be a work of art to make alive forever

Brilliant moments of disappearing things.




WANSOO KIM  Ph. D. in English Literature from the graduate school of Hanguk University of Foreign Studies. He was a lecturer at Hanguk University of Foreign Studies and an adjunct professor at Incheon Junior College for about 20 years. He has published 5 poetry books, one novel, and one book of essays. One poetry book, “Duel among a middle-aged fox, a wild dog and a deer” was a bestseller in 2012, one page from the book of Letters for Teenagers was put in textbooks of middle school (2011) and high school (2014) in South Korea, and four books (Easy-to-read English Bible stories, Old Testament(2017), New Testament(2018) and Teenagers, I Support your Dream”) were bestsellers. He was granted a Rookie award for poetry at the magazine of Monthly Literature Space in South Korea, and the World Peace Literature Prize for Poetry Research and Recitation, presented in New York City at the 5th World Congress of Poets(2004). He published poetry books, “Prescription of Civilization” and “Flowers of Thankfulness“ in America.(2019), received Geum-Chan Hwang Poetry Literature Prize in Korea(2019)and International Indian Award(literature) from WEWU(World English Writer’s Union)(2019).



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