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A Memoir Of Love

Love comes in the most unexpected ways

Like a thief in the night it takes your heart

No one knows if it will happen one day

And when it does, it gives your heart a spark.


Days in this lifetime will be full of spice

Because of your love that keeps me alive

The forever with you will not suffice

Swear to love you till the end of our lives


When time gets rough and life seems so gloomy

Your love will make me see the better days

Life is forever merry and bloomy

Let us treasure our love in everyday


Come, let us make an apt Memoir of Love

That will keep us alive here and above..


Celebrate Life


The moon gives life to the silence of night

The twinkling star ignites sleeping hearts

Here the clock halts to give more time tonight

Our souls wish to unite and not depart.


As we delve into the night’s excitement

We dry our moistened eyes— our souls entwined

My heart trembles in glee and wonderment

The most awaited moment in my mind.


The unforgettable evening in life

This soul’s missing piece I’ve finally found

A gift to cherish even afterlife

That makes this meaningless life turn around.


Let’s celebrate life and make moment count

Finding you is my life’s true paramount.


Grow Old With You 


What is growing old without you in life.

It will be a day without a sunshine

Cold and troubled moon that dims the nightlife

Every day I will be a dying vine.


It will be painting without images

A song without a life and a lyrics

A poem without rhymes and messages

A medicine void of healing antics


It will be like rainbows without colors

Clouds that are tearing up in the skyline

A violent wind that closes open doors

Waves tossed to and fro, no more sublime


I want a life fully immersed with you

Ripened with time, forever I pledge so true



LUZVIMINDA GABATO RIVERA is from the Philippines. She is a multi – awarded and bestselling author, an excellent international journal reviewer and multi-awarded researcher. She finished her postgraduates courses with academic distinction and academic excellence award such as the Doctor of Public Administration (her 6th degree) and took up units leading to a Bachelor of Law. She has published five books namely: A Gift ,  A Gift II , composed of 71 poems and translations of her A Gift in 5 series to 23 languages of 17 countries, , Crossroads : A Poets Life Journey –4th Anthology of Motivational Strips composed of 83 World’s Best Poets , A Memoir of Love – A Quadrilingual ( English, Italian, French and Spanish) in various poetic forms (free verse, haiku, rhyme scheme, sonnet and tanka) and Love Spell – A Collection of Sonnets in Asian and European Languages.  All five books became rank 1 among best sellers in Amazon.  Her books namely, A Gift III and Poets Unify World – 6th Anthology of Motivational Strips will be published before the year ends.  In addition, her poems were published in International E-Zines and magazines. She has received multiple recognitions and the latest is for her literary excellence at par with global standards by Motivational Strips and Gujarat Sahitya Academy of India and 50th Independence Day of Nigeria by Inked with Magic. Currently, she was promoted as Administrator for Philippine Office and one (1) of the four (4) approving editors of Bharath Vision website magazine based in India.


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