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I travel to the country of a thousand colors

To see the stone tears of despair of the goddess Fura.

I behold how they shine and sparkle in dark green

With a bit of blue sky and water trapped inside them.

Green spells flicker in the amazing crystals.


In a cup of coffee I find an unknown aroma.

I love the taste and smell of this black drink

Which is precious like ancient Indian gold.

It awakens the senses and tempts the newcomers.

A piece of chocolate completes my feast.


The sellers tender many exotic fruits on their stalls.

They offer the richness and generosity of nature.

The plentitude of colors and flavors is amazing.

The motley agave baskets hang next to them.

As the legend says, they choose the owners.



War For Myth


poem dedicated to Carlos Saavedra Lamas


News of wealth

lit the fires of greed in their eyes.

They saw each other on the golden thrones

in the paradise gardens.


Wetland and dense bushes

destroyed the Eden's vision.

The fairytale mirage disappeared

- the image melted away in the swamps


The soldiers drowned in the mud

their young lives and machine guns.

Sickness and hunger decimated

mercenaries from around the world


Today we know who really fought

in a bloody war of fools.

Here are the perpetrators of the misfortune:

Bolivia - Standard Oil (Exxon)

Paraguay - Shell Oil.


Nobody got anything

Nobody achieved anything

Nobody got rich

Everyone was lost


In the textbooks of history

subsequent pages described

the dispute ended in Buenos Aires

They called it- the war for Gran Chaco


My Trip To China


I take a long journey to China

in my dreams

It's enough for me to find

a white cloud in the shape of a dragon

and I can travel with it through heavenly spaces.

Together, we will bring

life-giving raindrops as a gift.


Looking from above,

I can see the winding Great Wall,

roofs of temples and water glittering on rice fields.

Our soaring paths are lit by paper lanterns,

hung  like colorful dots in the wind.


I admire the meanders of the rivers

- Yangtze River and Huang Ho,

beautiful terraces similar to patchwork bedspreads

which are covering the majestic Dongchuan Hills,

and Shin Lin formations as gray as the petrified forest


I believe that one day

I will go to the Middle Kingdom

I will tie my poems with a red ribbon

and go on a journey.

Today I am wearing a jade bracelet,

a symbol of harmony and happiness,

the beloved Chinese stone.




ALICJA MARIA KUBERSKA – awarded Polish poetess, novelist, journalist, editor. In 2011 she published her first volume of poems entitled: “The Glass Reality”.  Her second volume “Analysis of Feelings”, was published in 2012. The third collection “Moments” was published in English in 2014, both in Poland and in the USA. In 2014, she also published the novel – “Virtual roses” and volume of poems “On the border of dream”. Next year her volume entitled “Girl in the Mirror” was published in the UK and “Love me”, “(Not) my poem” in the USA. In 2015 she also edited anthology entitled “The Other Side of the Screen”. In 2016 she edited two volumes: “ Taste of  Love” (USA), “Thief of Dreams” (Poland) and international anthology entitled “ Love is like Air” (USA).Next year she published volume in Polish entitled “ View From the Window”, collection of love poems in Arabic and English entitled “ Love like arabesque ( together with Egyptian poet Mandour Saleh Hikiel). In 2018 she published international anthology “Love Postcards” and her volume in Russian entitled “Selected poems”. She is a chief editor of series of anthologies entitled “Metaphor of Contemporary” (Poland). Her poems have been published in numerous anthologies and magazines in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the UK, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania, Spain, Turkey, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Israel, the USA, Canada, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Uzbekistan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria and Australia. Her volumes were translated into Albanian language by famous poet and academic Mr Jeton Kelmendi, into Telugu language by famous Hindu poet Mr Lanka Siva Rama Prasad, into Turkish by famous Turkish poet Metin Cengiz, into Italian by famous Italian poetess Maria Miraglia and into Arabic by famous Syrian poetess Shurouk Hammouud. She won : distinction (2014) and medal (2015) on Nosside poetry competition in Italy, statuette in Lithuania (2015), medal of European Academy Science, Arts and Letters in France (2018)), award of Cultural Festival International “Tra le parole e l’ infinito” Italy (2018) She was also twice nominated to the Pushcart Prize in the USA. Alicja Kuberska is a member of the Polish Writers Associations in Warsaw (Poland), E- literaci (Poland)and IWA Bogdani, (Albania). She is also a member of directors’ board of Soflay Literature Foundation (Pakistan), Our Poetry Archive (India). She is Polish Ambassador of Culture of The Inner Child Press (the USA). She belongs to Editorial Advisory Board of Sahitya Anand (India) and IPA Editorial (India).

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