Friday, January 1, 2021





A Nameless Melancholia


Like tireless waves emerging out of the fathomless depth of emotions....... caress me tenderly in sleep and lull with a silent lullaby.... I doze off to the land of ecstacy.....


Contradictorily, maim and mutilate me everytime, when I get restless...... every endeavour to get rid of you seems futile..... desperately wanted to replace you......destiny again hurled me back in between your arms where your physical existence seems absent...... I loiter and amble on the fragrant flower laden path of memories where we once dwelled as the invincible King and Queen within our invisible kingdom.......


You came down for me from thousands of miles apart to be with this Queen...... but time has wings and flies so fast...... I still chase those memories to touch the leftover footprints of ours in these sands of time.......


Just like golden and orange colored withered autumn leaves before final collapse...... I remember the caring suppleness of spring and the matured freshness of the monsoon vibe......


At the end of the day...... I hold a smiling picture of us in one hand and myself with shattered pieces of broken heart standing all alone in the other.......

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Amorous Serendipity


We seemed strangers.... raised and bred in identical cosmic dust but thrown apart as nature's call to possess own ethnic identity......


Covering half way round the globe to find my amour, experiencing the sound, taste, vision, touch and smell of the mundane world..... to discover or introspect the factual ethos of this fortunate stroke of serendipity......


Perhaps, we were destined to meet as lovers where each and every sequence conspired on our behalf chronologically for us to be together......nuances of this very nature removed all the barriers to certify as destiny.....


Repertoire of jocund reality......


My favourite encounter....


My serendipity.....

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A Pair Of Blue Eyes


You win me over, like a gusty river

and touch like morning dew.

Twinkle in eyes, where mystery that lies

in oceanic pair of blue.


Pearl peach skin and the dimply chin

when glow in a brilliant hue.

Magic in smile and the emerald isle

of these nautical pair of blue.


Locks of blond, with riddle beyond

any hint or possible clue.

Rosy lips that peekaboo peeps

with thalassic pair of blue.


Non-stop prattle of day long rattle,

barely able to go through.

Mirror of soul, so very complete and whole,

these fathomless pair of blue.


A budding flower, like monsoon shower,

hardly no contrast with two.

Casting spells that slowly compels

with irresistible pair of blue.


Prettiest doll, wise reason to loll,

infancy world dive into.

Dazzling eyes, while heedfully pries.

Oh! electrifying pair of blue.

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