Friday, January 1, 2021





Next Door


The guy next door

wrote many words

about slaved people

residing in his mind


he never stopped writing words behind bars

worshiping peace while losing his life


his bursting words were disturbing

the standards of his country

but he kept writing with his peaceful mind

tireless words until his last moments


finally, he left behind

seeds of peace to persevere on freeways

breaking fences of old ideas

still sticking in some species

to fade away





Break all the walls down

to let the flowers grow

and all the trees also

fragrance and shade

will radiate the whole landscape

of the wounded minds

laying on the canvas

of dusty times


Let's take the bricks of walls

to build houses

leaving open smiling doors

to enjoy the wind blowing

enchanted words

wrapped in the light

of good wishes




Don't throw away yesterday's sentences

they can be used for something

like patching up all the chills

on the skin of winter


don't throw away the winter sentences

they can produce light

on a world too lonely


don't throw sentences on the floor

they can rage like thunder

and attract all the anger


if they all want to get some fresh air.

knit them wings

for a moonlight trip

and back to Earth





come closer to these words

gentle they won't hurt you


flying above arguments and rumors

together they are called poetry

and could grab your imagination

and play tricks on your mind

letting you feel like a bird

standing on the branch of an old oak

or maybe near a pond

watching frogs croaking

and even like a poet watching the blue sky

while downstairs people are crying

like hell on the roads

nothing to eat   no shelter

and some picturing the whole agony


since these words are only pleading

for peace and a good night sleep


come closer

the trick is over




How to build relationships

to make a patchwork

of infinite beauty

when the engin is jammed

at each fear


and what is to be said

when questions are circling

around the loom of dreams

for a downhill ride

along with crowds

relying to one another

to see the big show


this must be a grand illusion

spread in urban dungeons

or a story telling

on a nice summer evening



A Matter Of Hope


From ages to ages

the light is still burning

in the deepest nights


when the raging storms

try to switch it off

the gentle sun always

keeps the blindness away

when a gleam is still at sight


no more grief in dark old nights

since the blaze of the gentle light

will always ignite hope and good deeds

from time to time for happy endings

in the good nights




HUGUETTE BERTRAND is an international French-Canadian poet, editor and digital artist. She has published 38 poetry books some of them with artist’s artworks. Her poems were published in many international journals and anthologies and translated in multi languages. She participated to poetry readings, book shows, art exhibitions of her poetry paired with artworks in Québec, France and Norway, gave workshops in Quebec and France.

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