Thursday, April 1, 2021





Surviving Miraculously


I was too small

I didn't understand what was going on around me.

My only concern in life was the milk bottle

And an affectionate touch from my mother's hand.

The adult were talking with worry

About planes and bombardments

I didn't understand what they meant

But I flinch from time to time

From its strange sound.

Today they bombed our home

I found myself between the rubble

My face and body were covered in dust.

I was so frightened

I cried, screamed, and called for help

Until they lift me up, and I miraculously survived

My mother kissed my left cheek

My father kissed the right

I felt fine

But I was so tired

I dozed off on my father's forearm.

Immediately I had a dream of the milk bottle

And of that affectionate touch from my mother's hand.



Father, Don't Leave Me Alone


Father o- father

Don't leave me alone, orphaned, fractured...

Don't let my tears pouring down grieving for you

Did you not tell me o- father: I always want you to be a happy son?

Did you not tell me o- father: I don't want to see tears in your eyes as long as I am alive?

Father o- father

Don't leave me alone, orphaned, fractured...

To whom I shall say,

Hug me close to your heart,

Kiss me,

Hold me high,

Coddle me

Tickle me,

Play with me....

To whom I shall say all of that o- father, to whom?

Father o- father

Don't leave me alone, orphaned, fractured...

In the cold winter nights, who will put a cover on me?

Who will wake me up, prepare breakfast and take me to school?

Who will teach me, and help me with my difficult homework?

Who O- father, who?

Father o- father

Don't leave me alone, orphaned, fractured....

Who will be beside me if I tumbled?

Who will touch my hair when I am tired?

Who will warm me up if I am cold?

Who will be concerned if I am sick?

Who will comfort me when I am sad?

Who o- father who?

Don't leave me alone, orphaned, fractured...

Who will buy me toys?

Who will celebrate my birthday?

Who will present me with the beautiful gifts?

Who will buy me the new clothes?

To whom I shall say thank you from my heart,

I love you father

To whom I shall say that, to whom?

Goodbye my father

Goodbye my kind, fabulous, affectionate father...





At the refugee camp

The Syrian child is asking his father disapprovingly

Did you bring us to this place for a vacation?

Where is the sea?

Where are the children's swings?

Where are the kites?

Where are the colorful balloons?

Where are the ice cream and candy shacks?

The father lowers his head with grief and sorrow

Mumbling: we didn't come here for a vacation, son!

But tomorrow when the sound of guns pause

And the roar of planes stops

I promise we will return to our home

And we will go to the sea

I will rent a beautiful camp near the beach

You will swim and play and have fun with other children

You will ride the swings too

You will send the colorful balloons

And kites flying to the sky

And for me, I will buy you cold ice cream and delicious candy

I will buy you everything, my son.







HUSSEIN HABASCH is a poet from Afrin, Kurdistan. He currently lives in Bonn, Germany. His poems have been translated into English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Turkish, Persian, Albanian, Uzbek, Russian, Italian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Polish and Romanian, and has had his poetry published in a large number of international anthologies. His books include: Drowning in Roses, Fugitives across Evros River, Higher than Desire and more Delicious than the Gazelle's Flank, Delusions to Salim Barakat, A Flying Angel, No pasarán (in Spanish), Copaci Cu Chef (in Romanian), Dos Árboles en Tiempos de Guerra (in Spanish), Fever of Quince (in Kurdish), Peace for Afrin, peace for Kurdistan (in English and Spanish), The Red Snow (in Chinese), Dead arguing in the corridors (in Arabic) Drunken trees (in Kurdish) and Boredom of a tired statue (in Kurdish). He participated in many international festivals of poetry including: Colombia, Nicaragua, France, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Germany, Romania, Lithuania, Morocco, Ecuador, El Salvador, Kosovo, Macedonia, Costa Rica, Slovenia, China, Taiwan and New York City.

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