Thursday, April 1, 2021





Moonlight . . .


The moon winks at me tonight,

It's like my mind is reading,

He is lonely and follows me,

As I wander through your sky.


I'm tempted, what can I say,

To admit my weakness,

I will deliberately deceive him,

Tell him I don't love you.


Maybe he believes me in that lie,

Leave me alone,

I don't let him hear the whisper of my heart

I will bury him deep in the song.


I know that old cat well,

I will hide my feelings from him

If it gives you drops of dust,

It's the longing I pour from my lips. . .

© Slavka Bozovic


Свиђа ми се





Goodbye . . .


I was with you while you were fighting

I never left you

When you cried, I tried to comfort you

I didn't want to leave you even though I knew I was wrong.

I wanted to make you happy with words

He was joking to make you laugh

I didn't let you feel alone,

I've always hugged you friendly.

When I was sure you succeeded

And that you will laugh again, when it is a cloudy day

When I made sure you weren't alone

I left because you don't need me anymore.

Don't mind, I'll never come back

Although there will be times when I will suffer ..

I will not address or bother you

I will dance on the thin strings of poetry, where you will not look at me ..


© Slavka Bozovic

Country: Montenegro




A Step Of Loneliness . . .


I was on a path of uncertainty

It hurt a lot

A spasm clenched in my chest

That's how I was destined.


I didn't stop walking

I covered all the pain under my ribs,

Many times I fell and  got up,

The muffled moans insulted me.


Lonely in his grove,

Where wounded birds live,

I treated sorrow with verses,

I combed my insomnia with cigarette smoke.


And then a miracle happened

Heaven heard the voice of my heart

And a halo descended over me

Caressing me with my fingers from the Sun.


He gave me incredible power

And I became a poetic maestro

My sadness was replaced by a smile

I successfully walked proudly.

© Slavka Bozovic




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