Thursday, April 1, 2021





The Magic Of Life


Stars sing to me

In broad daylight

And fairies

Write of my poetry

While I slumber!



Is life not meaningful

When imbibed it is

With magic

Made of mystical mantras

And rituals?


Going on our ways

As emptily as would

Humans ruled solely by their senses

Can get quite boring

And can even end up being

Quite painful

Making us feel as if

We live not for ourselves


For the opinions

Of a man-made society

That fits not our broods!


But when I open up myself

To allow stars to sing for me

In broad daylight

And allow fairies to write of my poetry

While I slumber,

I become,

As free as an eagle soaring up

In the heights of mountains

Fearless and bold

Well aware

That the life that I lead

Is the one which belongs to me

And that it remains up to me

To sculpt it

As I would want it to be!




My Memory's Archive


Yesterday is not long gone,

It is there,

Forever etched upon my memory

And even I have learnt from it

Even if I have healed from it,

It shall always be that

On which I shall base myself

To decide about my future!


But then

As I open the door of my life's archive

I do wonder, while I blow off

Dust from yesterday's memories

Before opening their folders,

If I am purposefully missing out

On today

By being bent on yesterday

And on tomorrow!


As it is,

Nothing much has changed

From yesterday,

What was initially pain

Has just morphed into another weight,

And what was hope,

Has changed its medium!


The essence then, remains the same,

Even if I have kept it

Solidly tied up

In my own personal archive!


Would it not be better then

Wonder I with confusion,

To burn them into huge cauldrons

And to utter mystical spells while

Being at it

So as to allow myself

The release which I need?




I Am In Love



I am in love


With the thorns


That adorn my dress


Pricking my sensibility


Coiling their grip around my heart


And bidding me to shed tears


Behind the veil that I wear!




I am in love


With the clouds that hide the sun


Drenching me, at all times,


In their downpours,


Causing me to always feel uncomfortable


And to always seek solace


At the feet of the cosmic energy


To be able to breathe


Imbibed with an aura of peace!




I am in love


For if I choose to live by


Rejecting it


I become as empty as is a statue:


Lifeless and unmoving


Having no reason


To be a poetess, dark and brooding


Always looking forward


To when Death would grab me in


Its icy claws!




I am in love


For the fate that has been given to me


Has been chosen by some power


Which I can discern not


But which has deemed me


As deserving same


And when confronted with its truth


I realize I am a mere fish in its sea


Not even capable of choosing


If I wish to get hooked to its bait or not!




I am in love


With the wish of God


As it has been whispered to me


While I slumbered


In the silence of the night


And I can only live


While praying that I bloom in its essence


For what would life mean


Without it?




I am in love


And may I always be so


Even in death and unconsciousness!




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