Thursday, April 1, 2021





I Am Creativity


Give me life and

I'll revive you

I am creativity



You Are The Only Song

Happy Birthday, dear friend Vasile


You are the smile on my face.

You are sparkle in my eyes.

You are the only song I want to sing.

You are my light in the darkness,

My strength when I'm too weak,

My voice when I speak.

My smile, when I see you.

My happiness when i am sad.

My friend when no one's here.

The truth is

You mean so much to me.



The pen slips out of my hand


The world is beautiful

Roses look at us

The pen slips out of my hand

I am happy

Today the sky is bluer



You Are Inspiration

Dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile


You are the inspiration

the inspiration

in all that I do,

in that which I achieve.




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