Thursday, April 1, 2021





Winter Lullaby


In solitude I hear my thoughts...

The wintry wind my body rocks,

the dance of the wind the silence steals,

but the thoughts of mine aren’t drowned out

by its tango with a tree ...


Sunk in thought and

over the dashing time

pondering today again,

I dream, I compose,

smiling at sweet memories.


Snowflakes keep it company,

Snowflakes mark the sky with white.

It's so sublime, so peaceful too,

why then does sadness keep haunting me?

Not comprehending it myself,

deep in my soul I feel truly sad.


In solitude I hear my thoughts...

The dancing wind my body rocks,

cold permeates my flesh and soul,

and nostalgia fills me to the brim...


Let it happen, let it come true,

all that this winter the sorceress

– the White Lady –

in its frosty recesses

for us has ...


It will soon go far away

warm and gorgeous will come the days.

Then the spring young

will return here, bringing joy.

And I will not at all

feel the lack

of the winter's gifts lost!



Postcard From A Journey.



Under the night’s cover,

the Moon her steps guiding,

she’s the one who’s marching:


A Mary Ann,


but married

with a kid;

she’s crazy… just a bit.


About Spartan conditions

she complains, well, never.

Time’s for her like a river

that keeps bringing gifts –

adventures and spells.


A bird up in the skies

isn’t losing its time,

and its joyful songs

it’s singing out loud to pines:

with its voice to the heavens

screaming for what it’s craving!



A Poet's Morning


The Sun is shining

in my soul

in my heart

the birds chirping


on this cloudy, rainy day.

© Anna Maria Stępień




ANNA MARIA STĘPIEŃ: Born in 1980 in Tarnobrzeg  (Poland, present Podkarpackie Region). An economist and an English philologist. In 2020, she graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, where she studied specialized translation, postgradually. For over seventeen years, a teacher of English and also a translator; she loves her profession. Once, an accountant working for an international company. Now, an editor and an editorial secretary in World Taifas Literary Magazine (Romania), and also one of the coordinators of the Teerandaz International Festival of  Poetry and Fiction (Dhaka, Bangladesh). Member of numerous online international groups of poets and prose writers in Europe and Asia (administrator in Associazione Internazionale Artisti Poeti e Scrittori caffe letterario, Anzio, Italy, since May 2020), as well as belonging to the World Poetry Movement - Movimiento Poético Mundial. She is a poet, a blogger,  a novice writer (it all started in the autumn 2019). Together with others, she translated Mary Wollstonecraft's philosophical tracts into Polish: A Vindication of the Rights of Woman and A Vindication of the Rights of Men (2010). Anna Maria writes poems, short stories, memoirs and anecdotes, both in Polish and in English. Acclaimed worldwide in artistic circles; her poems have been translated into other languages – such as Bangla, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, Uzbek, and published in domestic and international online groups as well as magazines (Poland, Romania, Bangladesh, Israel, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, among others). Her entire life, Anna lives in a picturesque village of Wrzawy in south-eastern Poland.  An avid reader since she was around five. Poetry has always interested her a lot, since her early childhood. As a person sensitive to the beauty of nature, in her writing she often takes inspiration from what she sees around her. A local patriot, loving her little homeland situated between the Vistula and the San rivers.

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